3 “Extras” Swimming Pool Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

As a pool builder, you encounter a variety of personalities when people come to you to possibly build their backyard masterpiece. Some customers require extra effort to convince them that your company is the best choice to build their swimming pool. That’s why HFS Financial is here with swimming pool business ideas to help inspire you. We have a combined 65 years of experience in the pool lending industry, and we know that tough customers exist. Try these 3 “extras” swimming pool businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers. 

Clear Communication

First, make sure that you communicate well with prospective customers from the very first interaction you have with them. You want to communicate clearly and consistently. Reach out with answers to their questions as quickly as you can. Inform them of pertinent details about the pool build before they even have to ask. 

As a swimming pool business, your team knows better than anyone what to expect throughout each phase of a new pool build. That means you can prepare your customers for what is ahead and can inform them when unexpected delays come up or if changes need to be made. A tentative timeline of events is very reassuring and can help irritable homeowners hire you to get their pool started.  

Candid Cost Conversations

Next, customers want to hire pool builders who are honest and highly respected. You want to have a reputation of offering quality products and services at an affordable price. Be candid in all of your conversations about the costs a customer can expect throughout the process of having a custom pool installed. 

Make sure that you regularly assess the cost of supplies. You want to be sure that you are charging customers a fair price. The cost of various pool installations will vary often due to supply and demand. You also have a lot of competitors in the pool business industry, which means your prices need to be competitive and cost effective. Charge prices that still give you the profit that you need to stay ahead without overcharging. Give your tough customers the peace of mind that the money they are investing is being well spent. 

Commitment to Carry Through and Thrill the Toughest Customers

Finally, customers who need extra TLC will definitely be looking for your commitment to carry through on anything you’ve agreed to do for them. For instance, offering complete satisfaction means that you need to be willing to make adjustments when necessary. If they are not completely happy with something (especially if it was discussed upfront), they need to know that you are committed to correcting the issue — at no cost to them. 

Start with these 3 “extras” that swimming pool businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers. You will love the difference it makes. Remember that even the most difficult customers can be happy when you offer the best contractor financing for customers through HFS Financial.

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