3 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

Home in winter ready for improvement projects

Cooler weather is on its way, and with it you’ve probably noticed some things around your home that need improving. Whether you would like to be toasty warm or have a lush lawn come spring, here are three of the best home improvement projects to do this winter for the coziest abode on the block! 

Put a Seal On It

Did you know that by sealing air leaks around your home in places like the foundation, attic, and windows, you can reduce airflow loss by up to 25%? That’s a ton of energy savings over time and will help in both the summer and winter months with heating and cooling costs. So, how can you tell if you have a leak? You may feel a draft in certain areas of your home. This indicates that a crack is letting air through. You can also turn on all the lights in your house and walk outside during the night and look for light shining through crevices. Whether you put weather stripping around windows and doors, or fill those cracks with a leak sealer, you’ll have a big payoff this winter.

Insulation Nation

Adding insulation to your attic, foundation, and even your ducts is definitely a home improvement project that’s perfect for cooler days. Not only will you save money, your home will feel cozy and warm. Plus, you could even improve your home’s value. Be sure to consult a professional to help determine the right type of material to use. 

Paint Packs a Punch

You might be stuck inside during those cold, cold days. If so, choose projects that give you a huge bang for your buck. Painting walls, trim, cabinets, and furniture can change a drab, dingy house into a breathtaking beauty. Whether your kitchen needs a grand pick-me-up or your tween is becoming a teen and his room needs an update, paint is a fantastic solution. Breath fresh life into the interior of your home with paint.

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3 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

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