3 Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Financing for Your Customers

mistakes to avoid

In order for homeowners to envision financing the home transformations of their dreams, they must thoroughly understand their options. Do they borrow from family? Do they go to the bank? What about mortgaging their home? None of those are good options when they are looking at a major home improvement project. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when offering financing to your customers.

Not Explaining that Home Improvement Financing Does Indeed Exist

It’s important that people know that you have a plan in place for financing their project. How could we dream of sending an astronaut to the moon without knowing that the moon exists in the first place? Not likely! In fact, such a question might at first seem absurd, but think about how this same logic applies to the home improvement industry. Don’t make this first mistake. How can customers be expected to finance home remodels when they don’t even realize incredible financing is available? Avoiding this mistake is key.

Not Describing Project Financing Options

Financing can be puzzling to many. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t make the second mistake to avoid by lacking to describe financing choices. Details remove questions, provide confidence, and reveal possibilities. It follows, then, that contractors should expand the finance-related knowledge base for their customers. Knowing that financing exists is just the beginning. Remove doubt. Give your customers confidence to explore the best home renovation financing prospects at the ready. 

Go beyond mere basics. Open the door to expansive new potential for your customers. Help them understand that financing options not only exist, but also that you offer the very best option for getting them the funding that they need. From outdoor makeovers to extensive indoor home improvements, the choices abound! Whether the project is large or small, you’ll be an expert at helping your customers get the right funding.

Not Introducing Your Clients To HFS Financial

Want to know the third mistake to avoid? Not introducing your clients to HFS Financial! Help make your clients’ home improvement dreams come true. HFS Financial can get your customers the financing they need. Virtually any home renovation project is a candidate — both for outdoor projects and indoor projects. Let your customers know we’ll connect them with financing options for swimming pool additions, backyard improvements, landscaping updates, deck modifications, or roofing replacement. Interior renovations such as bedroom makeovers, bathroom remodels, and kitchen modernizations can be financed as well. 

HFS Financial has the home improvement financing experience you need.

Introducing your customers to HFS Finacial is as easy as putting our handy widget right on your own website. They can complete the easy 60-second application right from your site. Set them on a trajectory for a successful home improvement experience. Make the process quick and easy. There’s no reason to make any mistakes when offering financing to your customers. HFS Financial has the platform that can get your customers funded. Contact us today at 1-800-254-9560 to get started on your partnership with HFS Financial. You Dream It, We Finance It.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Financing for Your Customers

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