3 Skills Every Contractor Needs

skilled contractor holding hammer

It’s pretty obvious that contractors need specific skill sets. The ability to create and construct your building projects is what makes you marketable and pays your bills. But what skills will set you apart among other contractors? What are the skills you need to excel and go above and beyond? Here are our recommendations for 3 skills every contractor needs.

Manage Expectations

Managing expectations with clients can be the difference between an amazing experience and a poor performance review. Most clients have already envisioned each step of the building project before they ever enter into a conversation with you as their contractor. Your job needs to be to manage their expectations and to do it well. 

Your goal will be to communicate accurately what the client should expect at each phase of the project while reminding them that no one can predict the future. If demolition will be lengthy and tedious, be sure that your client understands that. If it’s been difficult to source certain materials, explain that. If clients don’t expect to get that marble countertop because it’s been out of stock for months and you show up with the exact marble countertop they wanted, who’s the hero then?

Communicate Clearly

Your communication skills will make or break the way your customer views his or her experience. Make every effort to be clear and concise from the beginning of your interactions to the end. Have contracts written and printed for your clients when you have hammered out the final details, and be sure to refer to them when you communicate with the client. 

When a client reaches out to you with a question, make sure that you respond quickly and clearly. Text messages are fine, but conversations are best. Talking to your client will allow for more clear communication, and it might not be a bad idea to follow up with an email, just to reiterate in writing any discussion points you may have had. 

Photos of each stage of past project can help communicate some of your talking points for you. It may be helpful to include a folder of images on your phone or computer, so you can easily show your clients what you’re talking about. Prioritize communication in every customer relationship so that your client is never confused or unaware of what is happening. 

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Always remember the “under promise, over deliver” principle. If you know a project may realistically take one week to complete, tell your client you need three, possibly four weeks. You’re not able to predict the future or your painter’s schedule. Make sure you have time built in to fix mistakes or find materials. If you make your predicted deadline, that’s great. If you come in ahead of time, then you have a happily surprised client. 

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3 Skills Every Contractor Needs

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