3 Tips for Financing Your Home Improvement Project

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When you become a homeowner, you enter an exciting world. There is no more renting or leasing or wishing you could paint, change, or update things (but not having the freedom to do so). Owning a home means that customizing it to your exact tastes is your prerogative. Dreaming and planning for upgrades is where the fun begins. Seeing your dreams come to life is the satisfying result. HFS Financial has been helping homeowners find the financing for their dream projects for years. Here are 3 tips for financing your home improvement project.

Make Plans for All You Want to Modernize

If you are buying a home that you didn’t have custom made, there are definitely many things you will want to modernize in your house as time progresses. Living in the home while having renovations done can sometimes be tricky, but it is definitely not impossible. 

Start with short-term and long-term plans for your home’s overhaul. Decide which things are a must and need to be done immediately, and also dream about future upgrades that are not a necessity from the get-go.

Buckle Down and Budget Precisely

Next, you want to get your budget as precise as possible for the project that will get attention first. This is where you sit down and put all of the ideas for the update that are in your head down on paper. 

Finalize all of the items that cannot be negotiated when you get into the last stages of planning with your contractor. Also make a note of extras you would like to include if the budget allows for it. Have a professional help you get an estimate of the amount you need to apply for when you get ready for the financing stage of things.

Choose a Contractor That Works with HFS Financial

Finding a contractor that offers the best contractor financing for customers is the final tip to cover. HFS Financial partners with contractors all over the United States to provide excellent home improvement financing. Choosing a contractor that uses HFS Financial for their financing is a big win for you.

Contractors choose to work with HFS Financial for many reasons. One great reason is the no stage funding model that we use. The entire loan amount goes directly to you, the homeowner, and it comes all at once — before the work even begins. 

Another reason we are a top choice is because you can trust our years of experience in this exact field. In fact, we specialize in home improvement loans because that is the only type of service we offer. Our staff is efficient, and our service is excellent. Finding financing is not something that you have to dread when you allow HFS Financial to do the work for you.

All it takes is 60 short seconds today to apply for your home improvement loan. Remember, everyone’s first home upgrade project looks different. Whether you need a new pool loan or a new bathroom remodel loan, we are here to help. “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Call us at 1-800-254-9560 to get started.

3 Tips for Financing Your Home Improvement Project

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