3 Tips For Keeping A Clean Hot Tub

Do you know the difference between a hot tub and a spa?
How Do I Care For My Hot Tub During The Winter Season?
Don’t neglect your hot tub during the winter season!

A hot tub can be an excellent addition to any backyard. If you have invested a lot of money in your outdoor oasis, don’t you want to keep it sparkling clean?

Rinse Off

If you want to keep your hot tub water clean, you should establish a rule where people are required to rinse their swimsuits in plain water before they get in. This is because swimsuits that have been passed through a washing machine still contain traces of soap. This residue will cause foam to form when the hot tub jets are turned on. Also, it is important that people also rinse off their bodies before getting into the hot tub as well. This will prevent things like lotions, deodorants, and sweat from contaminating the water.

No Messy Foods

Messy foods and hot tubs do not mix. Many people make the mistake of trying to serve their guests’ messy foods when they are lounging in their hot tubs. Try to remember that snacks like chips create crumbs, and these crumbs are likely to end up in the water. If you want to serve your guests food that isn’t going to crumble or smear. Fruits and vegetables are usually good choices.

Adult Supervision

Under no circumstance should children ever be left alone in a hot tub. Not only is this a major safety hazard, but you don’t want your little ones dragging something into the tub that doesn’t belong.

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3 Tips For Keeping A Clean Hot Tub

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