4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Sunroom Clients

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There are certain documents you should always provide your sunroom clients. Standardization across the board for your clients is an excellent way to ensure that everyone always has the proper paperwork they need. You’ll never forget to include something if you always include the same documentation. So, let’s take a look at some of the most important documents you should be including for all of your sunroom clients. 

1. Contract Agreement

One of the non-negotiable documents you should always provide every client is a contract agreement. You should never, under any circumstances, agree to complete a job or begin a sunroom build as a professional sunroom contractor without a written and signed contract. Just don’t do it. 

Chances are high that you know this. But it’s still worth mentioning. Contractual agreements are written in such a way that they protect both the sunroom contractor and the client. 

The contract lays out clearly all the different aspects of any given sunroom job. And these contracts are legally binding documents that are designed to hold both you, the sunroom contractor, and the client responsible for both your parts of the deal. 

Your contract ensures that you will get paid or that you can fight against a client who won’t pay. The contract agreement is one of the documents you should always provide for your sunroom clients.

2. Cost Estimates 

The next in our list of non-negotiable documents you should always provide for your clients are the detailed cost estimates. Most people are really invested in where the money goes — and with good reason. Part of your job as an honest sunroom contractor is to make sure that your client knows how you’re spending their money.

Part of the money pays for your labor costs, but there’s also the part that pays for the hardware that will actually build their sunroom. It’s best practice to be transparent about your costs and as accurate as you can be with your cost estimates. To do that, you should break down your cost estimates into two categories.

Your hard cost estimates are things that typically have to do with the actual construction of the sunroom. Things like labor and materials usually fall under hard costs. 

Soft costs are almost everything else. These costs can be anything from taxes to fees. 

Whether the costs are soft, hard, or otherwise, you need to do your best to inform your customers in written form. So, cost estimates need to be part of the documents you should always provide. 

3. Drawings and Plans

Another important document set you need to make a part of your standard list are the drawings and plans. It can be difficult to communicate the vision for something that literally does not exist without a visual aide. 

Drawings and renderings are a necessary way to show your clients exactly what you’re planning to do with their space. Drawings can help your client better see what your vision is, and you can reconcile any differences in vision with these documents. 

These construction drawings should include detailed plans and final renderings, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unchangeable or completely final. You’ll need to adjust and work around things that come up during the construction process, but these drawings will be an invaluable part of your plan. That’s why they definitely need to be a part of the documents you should always provide for your clients. 

4. Contractor Financing Information

And the final document you should include? Instructions and guidance on your contractor financing options through HFS Financial. There are a lot of clients who need financing options to complete their home improvement projects like building a sunroom, but they don’t have all the information they need. 

By providing sunroom financing information within your standard paperwork, you’ll be making sure they’re informed about their options. Plus, they can make sure to share that information with others. 

HFS Financial is the best way to offer sunroom financing and it’s amazingly simple. Contact our team to get started today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Sunroom Clients

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