4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Swimming Pool Business Customers

document for swimming pool business customers

Having your own swimming pool business is very satisfying. But as you work to create beautiful pools, you want to be certain that you are doing all that you are required to do for your customers and more. HFS Financial understands that necessary documentation is a must for any successful business. For close to 60 years, we’ve been perfecting home improvement financing. Pools are one popular home addition that we assist with often. Here are 4 documents you should always provide your swimming pool business customers.

Compulsory Construction Contract

First, you can’t begin a project without the compulsory construction contract. This is the document that officially seals the deal between your company and your customer. In fact, there are some requisite items you don’t want to forget to include in this contract.

Have a clear description of the pool’s dimensions. From the size of the pool to any features included in its design, document it. This will help avoid any confusion about anyone trying to change things mid-build. Include a diagram of the pool’s layout. The more details, the better off you will be. Giving this information is crucial for your customer’s peace of mind and for your company’s protection. 

Supporting Statement of Work Document

Next, on our list of 4 documents you should always provide your swimming pool business customers is a SOW (Statement of Work). You want to precisely state the work you will be completing for your customer. Pool contractors never want to assume that the customer knows all of the details a pool build includes. Make a comprehensive document that says exactly what you will be doing — from the necessary excavation to the pipework and actual pool’s construction. 

List every step of the pool’s progression. Include any equipment and materials you will be using. Designate who will be responsible for each piece of the puzzle.  In addition, be sure to include information about what will happen if changes become necessary during the project as well.

Coveted Construction Schedule

Another document that customers will be looking to find in their paperwork is a construction schedule. You want to include a tentative schedule of when and how they can expect each step of the build to be completed. Give them your policies and plans for unexpected delays and changes too. Then they know you have made allowances for such unplanned events.

Essential List of Estimated Costs 

Finally, one more item that swimming pool contractors want to provide for their customers is a list of the costs they can expect to encounter for their dream pool’s construction. The availability of materials and manpower can vary. But at least give an estimated list of the totals they can expect for the completed product. It’s better to know from the get-go what the complete investment will be.

Remind your prospective clients that you offer the best contractor financing for customers through HFS Financial as well. Their loan documents will be provided by our experienced team. Anyone can inquire anytime about a new pool loan in just 60 seconds. Our loan consultants are also waiting at 1-800-254-9560 to answer any questions homeowners may have. We’re here to keep your swimming pool business busy building those backyard masterpieces. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Swimming Pool Business Customers

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