4 Reasons to Consider a Semi-Inground Pool

A child floats and splashes in an above ground pool with a huge smile on her face.

If you want to install a pool in your backyard and are looking for a less expensive and more flexible option than an inground pool, above ground pools offer a possible solution. But did you know you can get something even better? With a pool that is a combination of an inground and above ground pool, you can have the best of both worlds. 

A semi-inground pool is a pool that is either partially buried inground or partially raised above the ground, depending on how you choose to have it installed, and there are some excellent benefits to these semi-inground pool options. Let’s learn more about the benefits of semi-inground pools. 

Semi-Inground Pools for Your Home

What if you could have a pool that was a combination of above ground and inground pool? You can! There are a number of pool designs that can be installed either completely above ground, completely in-ground, or as a combination of both. Plus, these pools resist heat loss to keep the water warm and save you money on energy costs. Learn more about these uniquely designed, energy-efficient pools. 

1. Inground Pool Longevity with an Above Ground Pool Price Tag

Above ground pools are relatively inexpensive, and extra installation options offer great protection and value. On the other hand, inground pools will generally last for a long time, but the price tag is substantially higher. That’s where semi-inground pools come in as the best of both worlds. 

You can expect your semi-inground pool to last a decently long time, somewhere between 20 and 40 years or more, which is pretty great return on your investment, especially if you choose pool financing through HFS Financial

2. Fast and Flexible Installation

Oftentimes, inground pools and even above ground pools can be difficult to install for various reasons. Location and construction concerns are a particular logistical consideration for inground pools. But semi-inground pools offer a little more flexibility which can also afford a little more speed for the installation process. 

You still need to consider where your semi-inground pool will go in your yard, but you won’t have to dig as deep, and that can help make the whole installation and design process quicker. 

It’s also worth mentioning that some terrain makes a fully inground pool an impossibility, which can be another win for a semi-inground pool. 

3. Strength of Design

Generally speaking, semi-inground pools are just as strong as inground pools and stronger structurally than above ground pools. While the strength of your pool is a serious consideration, there’s no reason to be concerned that your semi-inground pool is not just as strong as any other pool option. 

Since a large portion of the pool is still underground, the structure of the pool is sound and stable. 

4. Pool Design Opportunities 

Semi-inground pools are also unique in the way that you can design your outdoor space. Since they’re markedly different than both above ground and inground pools, semi-inground pools can actually afford you some unique design opportunities.

Considering the different height options for your semi-inground pool means you can plan beautiful designs for your backyard space. You won’t be limited to just a deck or just a patio, you can plan and design your semi-inground pool with your vision in mind. 

Landscaping options can be different and unique as well, so it’s possible that semi-inground pools can afford you an impressive design opportunity that you might not otherwise have. 

Build a New Pool 

Semi-inground pools are an excellent alternative option to either an above ground pool or an inground pool. And with all kinds of pool financing options through HFS Financial, you can get the pool of your dreams, no matter what kind it is.

HFS Financial can get you up to 120% of your financing needs to cover your pool, construction, landscaping and more. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today or fill out one of our simple 60-second loan inquiries to learn more about your rates. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

4 Reasons to Consider a Semi-Inground Pool

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