4 Reasons to Offer New Roof Financing

A contractor wearing a yellow hard hat an orange safety vest installs a new financed roof with a drill as the sun sets behind him.

It is important to seek new and improved ways to grow your business. Offering roof financing to your customers can have a huge impact on your business in a good way. That growth you’ve been looking for may be just a click away. We’ll tell you how with 4 reasons to offer new roof financing. 

Common Need

New roofs are a common need for many many homeowners. There’s currently a huge boom in the real estate market as a new generation seeks to become homeowners. Those homeowners are purchasing existing homes with existing roofs, and existing roofs don’t last forever. Every homeowner will need to replace their roof, typically sooner than many homeowners realize. That’s where you come in. Roof replacement comes with a high expense and a high need. Offering new roof financing means you’re meeting a need that so many homeowners have. 

New Demographic

Another reason you should offer new roof financing is because you can reach a new demographic of clients. There are clients who may be researching your services on your website but don’t have the personal funds to hire you. The one thing that’s going to catch the eye of those clients is the fact that you offer financing. Suddenly, those potential clients become actual clients, and you’ve opened a new demographic for your business. 


A new roof is rarely a purchase that someone chooses to make. It’s usually a decision made from necessity. There could be damage that isn’t covered by insurance or simply deterioration over time. Either way, the decision to buy a new roof is often necessary. When you provide new roof financing, you’re meeting a huge financial need. Offering financing to customers who actually need your building services fills a deficit and allows you to invest in new relationships. These potential clients may not otherwise seek out your services or be able to hire you without the financing options. If you don’t offer new roof financing, or any other kind of financing, you’re missing out on potential business.

Business Growth

New roof financing can also lead to the growth of your own general contracting business. By meeting a common need and opening a new demographic, you have the potential to grow your business. A lot of contracting jobs are renovations or add-on projects that aren’t necessarily 100% necessary. Meet the need of those clients who need financing by joining with HFS Financial. These new clients could become repeat clients in the future when they realize what a great contractor they’re working with. And your contracting business can experience the growth you desire by offering new roof financing. 

Offering new roof financing is as easy as one click of a button. When you partner with HFS Financial, you simply install our widget on your business website, and then your clients can complete our 60-second loan application. Offering new roof financing will benefit your clients and your business, so make sure you get started today! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

4 Reasons to Offer New Roof Financing

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