4 Tips for Managing Your Pool Build Waitlist

pool build waitlist

As a contractor, you are sure to have multiple requests for pool builds simultaneously. Homeowners are adding pools to their homes for the enjoyment they afford and the value they bring to houses and neighborhoods. Having a waitlist for these dreaming pool owners is a wise idea. It is a great way to help you prioritize the builds as well as assure the customers that their pool build is in your timeline of upcoming projects. Here are 4 tips for managing your pool build waitlist. 

Secure Subsequent Work

Having a full calendar is a great problem for a contractor to have. This means you have plenty of work to keep you busy for the foreseeable future. You want to plan ahead to secure subsequent work as well. 

A waitlist is a great way to do this. When customers ask you to be their pool builder, you can put their name on your waitlist. This will help them to know approximately when their dream pool will be getting started. It is also reassuring to know that you will have plenty to keep you busy when your current tasks are done.

Put Projects In Order

Another thing a waitlist helps with is to put your projects in order. As clients request your services, their name goes next on the list. You will then be able to adjust the order as needed. 

Perhaps a project has to be put on hold, removing a name from the list. Or maybe a customer wants to plan for a build a couple of years from now, giving you the flexibility to move their name to the middle or bottom of your list. Keeping a waitlist helps you visualize the projects that need your immediate attention and those that will enter your work schedule six months from now. You can easily organize, edit, and rearrange the list as needed.

Communicate with Customers Regularly

A waitlist is a way to make customers feel that their home improvement wishes are your priority. You will want to keep regular communication going with all of these customers who are waiting for their perfect pool. 

Keep the waitlist clients informed about their position in the line as they move toward the top. This helps them be able to wait without wondering if you’ve forgotten them. They will not need to call to ask about their pool if you keep them well informed throughout the waiting period. 

Money Makes a Difference

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Our no stage funding is unique and makes customers and contractors very happy. Money makes a difference for everyone. As soon as they receive their funds, their position in line could easily advance ahead of others who have chosen alternate financing routes. 

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4 Tips for Managing Your Pool Build Waitlist

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