4 Ways To Prepare Your Outdoor Pool For Summer

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Outdoor Pool For Summer
Plan ahead so you can be ready for pool season.

Summer is just around the corner! This means you should break out the sunscreen because it is practically pool season. Before you put on your bathing suit, you need to do a few tasks to prep your outdoor pool for the summer months.

Remove Debris Before Removing Cover

It is very common to find debris on the top of your pool cover. You want to be sure to remove as much of it as possible before it falls into your pool when you take off the cover. This is a necessary step and will not take you much time at all.

Adjust The Pool’s pH Level

Your pool’s pH level ensures safety for all swimmers. You will want to do this prior to jumping in your pool for the first time of the season. In addition, you will want to continuously monitor it on a  weekly basis. The pH level will also keep your pool water looking clean and your pool equipment functioning well.

Make Sure Everything is Functioning Properly

Do not neglect your pool’s pump! You need to check to make sure that everything is in working as it should before turning it on. It is important that you inspect the pump, hoses, and filters. Many pool owners will make the mistake of not checking their equipment and are left with a dirty pool.

Check The Water Level

It is important for a pool owner to check the water level of their pool after they remove the cover. If the water level is not high enough, the pump won’t be able to work correctly.

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Outdoor Pool For Summer

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