5 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Home Renovation Business Clients

A home renovation contractor reviews the documentation you should always provide your home renovation clients. He's wearing a red plaid shirt and leaning over a table covered with paperwork while his associate organizes a shelf in the background.

When it comes to running a successful business, there are definitely certain documents that you should always provide for your home renovation clients. Not only is it the professional thing to do, but the standardization across clients also just makes the whole thing easier for you, too. There’s no second-guessing or forgetting important documents.

So, what are those specific documents that you should always provide? There are a few.

Documents You Should Always Provide

If you’ve been a home renovation contractor for any amount of time, then you’re likely already providing a few standard documents to your renovation clients. Some absolutely necessary documents are things like a contract agreement and detailed cost estimates. You should never complete any kind of work without these particular documents, especially not home renovation work. 

1. Contractual Agreement

The contract agreement protects everyone involved and lays out a space for any other documentation you would provide. Both parties are required to sign, and it’s standard practice to review the documents together. That way, you can discuss and make changes as both you and your client need to. The review process also ensures that everyone has discussed and understands the document. 

The contract won’t keep every problem from arising, but it does provide an excellent framework for solving issues when they do arise.

2. Cost Estimations 

The cost estimates also help to manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page. There is usually some fluctuation in what may actually end up being the final cost, a fact you should address in the contract. But estimations keep everyone aware so that your client isn’t blindsided by their final bill. It’s a good idea to include cost estimates. 

Both of these documents are pretty standard across nearly every vein of business and for good reason. But there are some more obscure documents that you should be including in your paperwork as well.

3. Insurance and Bonding Documentation

While most home renovation contractors definitely have insurance and bonding (it’s illegal not to in most states), it’s less likely that you’re providing this documentation to your clients. And you might want to. 

If you’re providing important information like bonding and insurance proof to your clients, that can show them that you’re serious and prioritize transparency. It also demonstrates that you’re covered in the event that anything unfortunate happens. You’re offering peace of mind to your clients, and that’s a valuable thing. 

You should always provide insurance and bonding information to your clients because it can really boost their confidence in your home renovation work.

4. Construction Renderings

Moving on, construction drawings or renderings are another document that you should always provide your home renovation clients. One of the biggest problems in any business, but especially home renovation projects, is miscommunication. Construction renderings are a great way to cut down on some potential problems because everyone is able to better visualize the outcome. 

Once again, this document won’t eliminate problems, but it can provide a framework that both parties can work from. And that’s super valuable to both you and your clients. You can see and get an idea of what you’re talking about through these drawings better than with words alone.

So, do yourself a favor and always include construction drawings in your documentation.

5. Home Renovation Financing Information from HFS Financial

And finally, our last suggested document you should always provide your home renovation business clients is a flier or business card that points them to the contractor financing you offer. You already know that offering home renovation financing through HFS Financial is not only great for your business, it’s also super easy.

But in order to use it, your clients have to know about it!

Be sure you’re pointing them to their financing options when you meet about all your other documentation. It can be the nudge they need to actually expand their project. Make sure to point your client to the HFS button on your website. And if you’re not already offering financing get started today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


5 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Home Renovation Business Clients

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