5 Pool Renovations You Can Make

pool renovations

After owning a swimming pool for a few years, It’s common for homeowners to make pool renovations or updates

You may want to change the depth or shape of the pool, or maybe you want to add a hot tub or spa. Maybe there is something you put in originally that you just don’t enjoy and you want to change. The options and reasons are endless.

How can these pool renovation projects be done? With the help of HFS Financial, it will be faster and easier than you think! We even have a few ideas to get you started making your backyard everything you have ever dreamed of. 

5 Pool Renovations

1. Modernizing Pool Equipment

Modernizing a pool’s plumbing, heating, and electrical equipment is a very common and practical pool renovation. Old equipment is often outdated and inefficient and costs you more to operate than it needs to. 

Technology also evolves at a rapid pace in our society, so there is constantly something new to help your pool run more efficiently. 

Investing in equipment such as a new pump, heater, filter, or automation can improve your pool’s operations and make it more affordable. It can also prevent major repairs if you keep plumbing and electrical updated at regular intervals.

2. Changing the Depth or Shape

You can change the depth or shape of your pool as long as your pool is not fiberglass. 

Many pool owners find that the pool’s deep end gets used less than the shallow end, making them want to level off the pool so it’s all the same depth. Others built their pool more shallow when they had younger kids, and now need a deep end with recreational amenities like a slide or in-pool sports.

You can also add a beach entry making the shallow end larger and friendlier to small children or those with limited mobility. 

Or, extend your pool in various directions to make a more freeform shape, adding space and character. Doing this can also make better use of the space in your backyard.

3. Adding New Features

Adding new features is another pool renovation project many pool owners take on. 

You can add a hot tub or spa to your pool to modernize it and add functionality. Having a hot tub included with your pool will allow you to utilize the space throughout the year, no matter where you live. 

You may also want to add things like a waterfall or swim-up bar. These features can add beauty and atmosphere to your pool. The waterfall can also act as a way to buffer unwanted noise pollution.

Finally, you may want to add things like a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen to the pool area. This can also radically change the appearance of your pool space and its functionality.

4. New Finish

All pool finishes need to be redone at some point. When things start to look worn down or worse for wear, you can take the opportunity to restyle your backyard entirely if you want.

Since you are already paying to refinish, why not choose something new or different than what you currently have to make things exciting and stylish?

5. Add a Pool House or Poolside Restrooms 

Another amazing option to upgrade your space is to add a pool house or poolside restrooms. Not only will you be adding square footage to your home for future resale value, but you will also have more space to host family and friends. This type of ADU (accessory dwelling unit) can make your space more usable and desirable — both while you live there and if you ever decide to sell.

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5 Pool Renovations You Can Make

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