6 Blogs Every Contractor Should Know About

Blogs Every Contractor Should Know

There’s no way we can know it all. One of the best ways to learn more about your field is to tap into the knowledge and experience of others who work like you do. You have unique experiences that you can share, and the same is true of other contractors. A great way to tap into that collective knowledge is through the power of the internet. Here are 6 blogs every contractor should know about.

Contractor Talk

Contractor Talk is an interactive forum for all things contractors. Join in on discussions with other contractors from all over with various levels of experience. You can ask questions of other contractors and answer questions for those who may need your expertise. You can even browse their top forums separated by categories like tools and equipment, decks and fencing, or painting and finish work. With over 125 thousand members, you’re sure to find an answer to your questions or just learn something new by browsing. We definitely recommend checking out this site. 

Creative Home by Mowhawk Flooring

The Creative Home blog is great for any floor remodeling projects you may face in the future. They feature blog articles on the latest flooring types from carpeting to luxury vinyl and everything in between. Read up on hypoallergenic flooring options or the differences in working with sheet vinyl vs. plank. You’ll go into your next client meeting with a plethora of new flooring knowledge before you’ve even had a chance to work with the materials if you just take a couple of minutes to read through a blog or two.  

The Fill by Budget Dumpster

This blog site features general home improvement articles. You can learn a little about everything. Are you up to date which home improvements are tax deductible? There’s a blog for that. What about eco-friendly options for home improvement projects? There’s that too. Spend a little time browsing The Fill blog listings, and you’re bound to find some information you might not have known that can help you help your clients. 

Electrical Easy

Electrical Easy is a blog site dedicated to simplifying your experience with all things electrical. Titles like “Difference Between Alternators and Generators” and “How Do Solar and Hydropower Drive Electricity?” riddle the pages of their blog section. You’re bound to find an explanation of the next part of your electrical project if you do a search of this site, so absolutely take the time to browse their blogs. 

All Roofing Solutions

Finally, All Roofing Solutions has a pretty self-explanatory name. They have all your roofing solutions. A quick scan of their website will draw you in as you learn the advantages and disadvantages of shingle roofing vs. metal roofing. You can even read about common reasons for leaking roofs and how to fix them. It’s a great collection of information all about roofing and really has the potential to be a helpful resource. 

Even if you’re a seasoned professional who’s done it all and seen it all, you’re sure to find some useful information for refreshing that memory in some of these blogs! You may even be able to impart some knowledge of your own. 

HFS Financial

And our #1 choice for our favorite contractor blog is none other than (…drumroll…) HFS Financial! If you’ve browsed our blog, you’ll find that it is an incredible space for all sorts of contractor topics. And not only will this resource you as a contractor, you have an automatic partner to help get your clients the financing they need for all sorts of home improvement projects. As you learn a little more about the contracting industry, let HFS Financial worry about the financial end of things. Help your clients get the funds they need with the best contractor financing for customers. It’s so easy to set up our 60 second application process from your own website. Your clients will receive the non-staged funding you need to get the job done right. With HFS Financial “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

6 Blogs Every Contractor Should Know About

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