6 Things You Can Do with a Backyard Shed

Rustic backyard shed

Is every room of your home a dedicated space for someone or something else? Building an addition to your home can seem impossible, but with a backyard shed, you’ll have the perfect area to meet all your space-requirement needs. 

Home Business

Do you have a work-from-home business that’s quickly outgrowing its designated corner of your living room? It’s time to move it outside! Turn your backyard shed into an office, salon, pet grooming space, or even a bakery! It’s a great way to keep business and home separate, and looks more professional to clients rather than having them trek through your house for goods and services. 

Creative Space

Do you have a hobby that you’re truly invested in? Create the perfect space to sew, paint, practice an instrument, make pottery, do woodwork, or whatever else you love. Not only will it allow you to stay creative, you can generally be as loud as you want while practicing those guitar riffs. 

A Playhouse 

Those plastic playhouses for the kids are fun, for a while. But they can be expensive and are quickly outgrown, especially if you have more than one child. A better option is turning your backyard shed into a REAL playhouse one that’s big enough to hold a play kitchen and other imagination-building toys. There’s plenty of room for multiple children to play, and it’s easy for the shed to grow with them. In a few years, you can swap out plastic toys and create a clubhouse for the preteens or a cool hangout for the older kids and their friends.  

Backyard Kitchen 

Do you enjoy entertaining in your backyard? Then a shed is perfect for you! Stock it with snacks and drinks for those awesome pool parties. Create a hot cocoa bar for cooler nights when you watch movies on the projector. Having a convenient place for serving drinks and food is great for your social gatherings or family night. 

Home Gym 

Need a place to put all that bulky gym equipment? Having a shed out back makes sticking to your fitness journey easier than ever. Crank the music as loud as you want and jump, run, dance, or lift weights in the convenience of your own backyard. You can even install a TV to watch those jazzercise videos you’ve had in storage since the 90s. Or, stream on-demand fitness videos or get a new interactive workout station to help you build those muscles.

She Shed or Man Cave

Running a household is a full time job on top of your actual full time job. You need a space you can retreat for some quiet self care. Read your favorite mystery novel, plant your herb garden, or learn the art of scrapbooking. The time spent in your she shed is yours, and yours alone. 

On the flip side, if you need a place to let your manly light shine, you can’t go wrong with a standalone building to keep all your sports memorabilia, collectible cars, tools and more.

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6 Things You Can Do with a Backyard Shed

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