A General Contractor’s Guide to Top Financing

A general contractor wearing a yellow hardhat looks on his phone for ways to become the top financing contractor.

In order to be at the top of the game as a top financing general contractor, you’ll need to work hard, and you’ll need to work smart. 

Offering financing as a part of your general contracting business is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the competition and make sure that you’re giving your business the best shot. Offering contractor financing through HFS Financial is the best way to ensure that you’re the top financing contractor in your region. And we’ve got some tips to help guide you. 

Let’s break down some of the best strategies and benefits of offering contractor financing and how it can help you become the most in-demand contractor around. 

1. Offering Financing Needs to Be Part of Your Brand

When you think about marketing strategies, you’ll want to look at all the things that are most important about your contracting business. Then you’ll want to tell people about them. 

Offering contractor financing needs to be a part of that information. Your clientele should know that you’re a general contractor, what you specialize in, where you’re located, and that you offer contractor financing through HFS Financial.

If you’re really invested in becoming a leading contractor, people need to know that you offer the top financing options available through HFS. 

2. Offering Financing Needs to Be Communicated Clearly

In addition to including financing as part of your brand, you should also communicate clearly with each and every client and potential client about the fact that you offer contractor financing. This part doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it does need to be clear and listed within your paperwork. 

Your goal doesn’t necessarily have to be to make every client a financing client, but your goal should be to inform every client about how simple, easy, and beneficial it can be. 

You can truly never know which clients might want contractor financing until they themselves have had the chance to consider it. You may be surprised at which clients take you up on your offer of contractor financing. 

And that’s what will make you a top financing general contractor. 

3. Being the Top Financing Contractor Can Grow Your Business

When you decide to fully commit to being a top financing general contractor, you truly have the potential to grow your business. 

Contractor financing is an excellent way to bring in new and old clients who may not have been able to consider your business as an option before. 

Financing opens doors for clients to complete home improvement work that they’ve been putting off. It can encourage old clients to come back for more of your expertise. And it can improve the quality and scope of other clients’ original home improvement projects. 

All of these things mean growth for you and your general contracting business. Being a top financing contractor can benefit you and your business in so many different ways. 

4. Top Financing Has Many Benefits

And finally, offering the top financing from HFS Financial has a ton of benefits for both you and your clients. 

When you offer financing through HFS Financial, those loans fund up-front directly to your client, making them the equivalent of a cash buyer. And that’s great news for you because you know the money is there for the project, and you can actually get the work done. 

There’s also no stage funding to slow you and your team down. You can start the project and work smoothly through without any hold-up on funding. 

This is not to mention that all HFS Financial loan options are competitive with industry-leading loan terms, which means your clients don’t need to go anywhere else. They can get all they need from you. 

Offer the Top Financing with HFS Financial

Whether you’ve already partnered with HFS Financial or you still need to make that commitment, you can become a leading contractor with the top financing options from HFS Financial. 

The process is simple and easy with our contractor application. With HFS Financial, “Orange is the New Green.” 

A General Contractor’s Guide to Top Financing

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