A Spring Shopping List for Every Pool Owner

Why Now Is A Great Time To Purchase Pool Equipment and Supplies For 2019
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Preparation is certainly required to open a pool for the season, but many pool owners aren’t currently considering what they need to be ready.

With pool opening season fast approaching, it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared with everything you need to open on time.  Preparation is certainly required to open a pool for the season, but many pool owners aren’t currently considering what they need to be ready.  If you want your pool to open on time, consider this shipping list for what you will need.

Extra Pool Shock


Chances are that when you peel back your pool cover for the first time, your water may be green and algae-ridden.  Shocking your pool is necessary in this case.  You need to make sure that algae is completely removed from your water, as it will simply continue to grow if it isn’t eradicated.  Ordering a few extra bags of pool shock at the beginning of the season is your safety net for making sure you’re ready for a little more green than usual.


Teflon Tape


This product is cheap, abundant, and extremely helpful for any plumbing issue.  Over time, your threaded pipes are going to wear down so that their connection isn’t as strong.  This can lead to leaks and bursts.  Teflon tape is a very useful material that makes this threading snug once again.  Applying this to any pipe connection is going to protect it against problems.  Starting off the season by taping all of your connections is a great way to begin.


Storage Bags


Mice, moths, and other curious critters can easily destroy pool equipment when you’re not around.  In particular, safety covers are relatively expensive pieces of equipment that can cause serious issues when destroyed.  To protect against this unfortunate circumstance, invest in decent storage bags.  These will protect your most valuable pool equipment, so you know you can go the whole season without spending a fortune on replacing it.


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A Spring Shopping List for Every Pool Owner

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