Five Reasons to Add Solar Panel Installation to Your Services

Five Reasons to Add Solar Panel Installation to Your Services

When you meet with a new client, you go over all the details of what they’d like to see in their new home or renovation. While you discuss what the exterior features will look like, you should consider adding solar panels to the list of options. We’ll share five reasons to add solar panel installation to your services. 

Attract Customers Seeking Energy Efficiency 

More and more customers want sustainable energy options in their homes and are willing to pay for it. When you offer solar panel installation, you increase the pool of customers who want energy-efficient options. 

For customers who still aren’t sure if solar energy is right for them, you can promote the benefits of the extended energy savings to them. Adjust your marketing to show how they’ll save money in the long run with lower energy costs during the life of their home. 

Financial Incentives 

With the rise in environmentally friendly options, some people learn that along with that also comes financial benefits. The same is true for contractor businesses. There are financial incentives for contractors who use renewable energy. These incentives vary by state, but information is available online. It can be narrowed down by your zip code. When you add solar panel installation to your services, be sure to check out the incentives available to you in your area. 

Provide a Local Option for Buyers

Many people across the country are gradually moving toward solar energy. However, not every community offers a lot of options for buyers. When you add solar panel installation to your services, you provide customers the products they want in their local community. 

Improve Resale Value for Your Customers 

While selling their home isn’t at the top of mind when a customer is planning their new dream home, it’s an important factor to consider. Home buyers are always on the lookout for special features in their future home. Your customers can improve the resale value of their home by adding solar panels during their build or renovation process. They’ll be happy to see an increase in equity, as well as an exciting, sellable feature if they ever decide to move in the future.

You Offer the Financing to Make it Possible

One of the most important reasons to add solar panel installation is because your customers will have access to solar financing. Your contractor business can offer financing to your customers when you partner with HFS Financial. Get back to focusing on your business and leave the financing to the professionals at HFS Financial. Our team will walk them through each step of the process and connect them with the best financing option for their home improvement project

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Five Reasons to Add Solar Panel Installation to Your Services

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