Avoid These 5 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

A kitchen remodel is a great way to give your home a fresh look. The kitchen is an important room because of all of the action taking place there. You want the kitchen to be welcoming and warm. A facelift in this vital space is exciting and can make your home feel brand new. This is why you want to get a kitchen remodel perfect. As you plan and prepare for this renovation, avoid these 5 kitchen remodel mistakes. 

Appliances as an Afterthought

Many excited remodelers get so caught up in their plans that they fail to begin with one of the most important elements in the kitchen — the appliances. Select the appliances first so that all the other elements in the room will complement the vital pieces of equipment. These are things your kitchen cannot function without. You want to love them. 

Storage and Counter Top Space Sacrificed for Style

One thing that a kitchen must have is sufficient storage space. Don’t get so caught up in the kitchen’s style that you forget about all the storage areas you will need to hold all the gadgets and trinkets that make the kitchen magical. There are all kinds of ways to conceal storage areas to preserve the space for necessary storage and to still keep things stylish. 

Another crucial kitchen item is ample counter top space. You do not want to feel crowded when you are creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Don’t sacrifice any counter space when you renovate the kitchen. If anything, add more counter tops if you have the opportunity. You can never have too many counter tops in the kitchen. 

Minimizing the Mess-Making Space

Anyone who spends much time in the kitchen understands that mess-making is a big part of the cooking or baking experience. When you are designing your kitchen remodel, keep the critical “work triangle” in mind. The sink, the stove, and the refrigerator are ideally placed within close proximity to each other in a triangular shape. You definitely do not want to minimize this design necessity. The flow of activity will be much smoother by adding or keeping the triangle in your kitchen.

Eliminating Electric Essentials

Working in the kitchen often makes things like lights and electrical outlets vital for success. It is very important to include these electric essentials in the floor plans for a new kitchen. Bright workspace is crucial for reading recipes and for completing any kitchen task well. You also don’t want to forget to have multiple electrical outlets available throughout the design. 

Attempting the Alterations Alone

The final mistake you want to avoid is to attempt all of these alterations alone. Even if you are handy around the house or love to tackle projects alone, be sure to at least consult a professional who does remodeling for a living. Let them prepare you for what you might encounter. If this task seems daunting, just hire a reliable general contractor to oversee the work for you. 

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Avoid These 5 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

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