Before Hiring a Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractor, Decide on the Scope of the Renovation Project

Red pole barn in field

When you’ve decided to hire a pole barn or steel building contractor, there are a few factors you should consider before scheduling initial meetings. If you walk into a pole barn business when all you know is “I want a barn,” the quote or the timeline given to you may be way off. 

Conversely, if you walk in knowing the full scope of your project, you and the contractor will be happier, because there will be a lower risk of unforeseen additional costs. This will also help you compare quotes and timelines between different contractors more accurately. 

Use and Type of Building

The purpose of your new building will determine whether you are looking for a pole barn or steel building. Pole barns are used more often for storage or agricultural purposes, such as RV carports or farm equipment storage. This is because a foundation is not required, and the wooden poles and frame will save you money when a steel frame is not necessary.

A steel-framed steel building, on the other hand, is more popular for people who need a concrete foundation, and who will be spending a lot of time inside the building. They are common for mechanic garages or workshops. 

Location and Dimensions

Walk your property and picture the location most appropriate for your pole barn or steel building. Does the location have easy access? Should it face away from the afternoon sun? Will it look aesthetically pleasing in your property landscape? 

Pole barns and steel buildings come in many prefabricated sizes. If you measure out the dimensions you will need (length, width and height), you will be ready to go when the contractor shows you your options.  

Research Accessory Options

Have you looked into all the available accessory options before your initial contractor meeting? Consider insulation, garage doors, windows, skylights, crane systems, porch overhangs, gutters, weathervane toppers, et.cetera. You don’t want your project to be halfway done before you decide you need a porch added to your building.  

Budget and Delivery Time

Knowing your budget and delivery timeline will help you find which contractor is right for you. Make sure to ask each company how confident they are that they can stick to your budget and deliver in your timeframe. Take your list of accessory add-ons and put them in order of priority. This way, if what you want turns out to be unrealistic for your budget, you will know right away the first things to cut out of the project.

Get Quick and Easy Financing for the Full Scope of Your Project

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Before Hiring a Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractor, Decide on the Scope of the Renovation Project

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