Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on My Home

Benefits of installing solar panels on my home

Over the last several years there has been a steadily growing interest in alternative, sustainable energy sources. If you’ve ever considered what the real benefits are to solar energy, then you are certainly not alone. Interest in and installations of solar panels have been markedly on the rise. Let’s take a close look at the benefits of installing solar panels for your home. 

Reduced Utility Bill Means More Money in Your Pocket

Are you looking for substantial savings on your electric bill? Then, your answer may be in solar panels. An attractive benefit of using solar panels is a reduced energy bill. You can find net metering offered by many utility companies. How does net metering benefit you?

With net metering, states require your utility company to purchase any excess power your solar energy system produces each month at the full retail rate of electricity. Consumers are able to use the extra energy produced by your solar panels. Because of that extra energy, each month you will see a credit on your electric bill. When your panels are not producing electricity, you can then use that credit to offset any energy used from the power grid. If you select the right rooftop solar system, you have the potential to produce enough solar power to cover all of your power usages for the year and potentially wipe out your electric bill!

Tempting Tax Incentive

As electricity prices continue to rise, the costs associated with solar energy have continued to fall. These lower costs, upwards of around 70%, have made the accessibility of solar energy appealing to homeowners. Even more appealing is the current Federal Tax Credit. If you install a solar system before the end of 2021, you could be eligible for the 22% federal tax credit. There are also other solar incentives offered at state and local levels. The Solar Renewable Energy Credits is one such credit.

Clean, Renewable Energy

The use of solar panels provides clean, renewable energy. As you use this resource to generate electricity, you aren’t producing any greenhouse gas emissions as you see with fossil fuels. The energy produced by the sun isn’t going to be depleted, and you aren’t destroying Earth’s ozone layer. It’s a win-win for you and the environment.

Declare Your Independence

Let’s face it; because your home generator can break, utility companies can have issues, and utility rates continue to increase, it can leave nothing but worry and inconvenience for homeowners. What doesn’t run out or increase utility rates? What doesn’t have a maintenance issue? The sun! The sun isn’t going anywhere anytime in the near or far-off future. It’s an energy powerhouse, providing roughly four million tons of energy every second. So, you can chase away the worries of running out of sustainable energy because you can opt to use solar energy to power your home. Deciding on sustainable, renewable energy creates independence from expensive energy providers. And it allows you to enjoy the security and reliability that comes from using solar panels to generate energy for your home.

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Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on My Home

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