Breaking into the Pool and Spa Market? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about getting into the pool and spa market as a new way to expand your business, do yourself a favor: read this first! Sure, there is a massive and growing market out there for pool contractors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll just dive in headfirst and find yourself swimming in profits. Instead, take some time to consider how you’ll turn this new venture into your next big success. Here are a few things you’ll need to know to make the pool and spa market work for you.

Pools are Completely Different

If you don’t already have a significant amount of experience installing and repairing pools, then your first job is to hire someone who does. Pools are vastly different from other renovation projects and require a highly specific skill set. Have this one covered? Fantastic. Next, choose the line of incredible hot tubs you would like to offer and contact the company to become a dealer. It’s a great way to add versatility to your company.

New to the pool and spa market? Network your way in.

People connect people with people. And in this case, “people” are the established pool and spa professionals in your area, “people” are your future pool customers, and “people” is you. The point is, a robust network of pool supply stores and service pros will invariably result in a steady flow of new customers for your new endeavor. If you are looking to only be a pool builder, making a connection with a pool supply store that can send you referrals is a must.

It’s All About the Upgrades

Pools are always great, but a pool with a multi-colored light show, synchronized water fountains, and a series of dramatic fire features is downright incredible. And spas? Those magical spots of relaxation have technologically advanced upgrades that will blow your mind. Get familiar with all the options so that you can only offer the best. And better yet, know which ones are trending. You’ll be surprised how many people will upsell themselves just by learning what the options are!

Think Beyond the Pool and Spa Market

An in-ground pool is not just a place to swim; it’s the centerpiece of the whole backyard! Don’t be afraid to encourage your customers to think beyond the pool — to dream bigger. It’s worth considering how an upgraded deck, patio, or built-in fire pit might further enhance the pool experience. Plus, adding a hot tub to their outdoor space is a cherry on top of the proverbial sundae.

Premier Pools

If you’re installing pools, you need to ensure you’re delivering a top-quality product to your customers. Do good work, and charge well for it. Offer incredible upgrades and amenities. Your customers are far more likely to regret going too cheap than paying well for an outstanding job.

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Breaking into the Pool and Spa Market? Here’s What You Need to Know

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