Can a Small Business Offer Contractor Financing?

small business contractor financing

Owning and running your own business is exciting. However, there are all kinds of things to learn along the way. Here is a big question that you need to answer quickly. Can a small business offer contractor financing? Definitely! HFS Financial helps contractors in all fifty states with their contractor financing. There is no requirement for the size of business that we help. For close to 60 years, we have been in the home improvement financing business. Let us help you see how simple offering the best contractor financing for customers really is.

Offering Financing Expands Opportunity

First, you want to know that offering contractor financing is a great way to expand your opportunity for new jobs. Countless homeowners want to improve their home in some way. Their dreams require a payment plan, which is where we come in.

HFS Financial partners with contractors to assist customers with their loan searching. There is no charge to join forces with our well-renowned company. Filling out our brief contractor application will get us the information we need to get you connected with our skilled loan team and begin our partnership. You’ll get all of the benefits of financing for your clients, with none of the hassle of extra paperwork.

HFS Changes Customers Into Cash Buyers

As a small business owner, you know very well the importance of having money available for supplies, paychecks, and everything in between. Keeping a consistent cash flow is vital for the success of your company. 

The contractor financing provided through HFS Financial changes customers into cash buyers. Our no stage funding is ideal for everyone involved. The homeowner receives all of their loan — in one lump sum — up front. This means you can begin work right away with the confidence that you have already secured your payment.

Small Businesses Must Start Somewhere

All businesses start somewhere. At HFS Financial, we love to see contractors succeed and build their clientele extensively. This is why we exist — to help homeowners see their remodeling dreams come true and to help contractors see their business grow. We love to say, “You Dream It, We Finance It!” No dream is too big to dream, for contractors and customers alike.

HFS Financial doesn’t want you to have to spend hours on the phone to track down loans for your potential customers. All that you need to do is to connect your customers to our consultants. This is very easy and requires zero extra effort from you. We even have a handy widget you can place right on your website.

Our contractor resource center is at your disposal. We are available to assist you with getting your website equipped to send the customers directly our way when it’s time for them to apply for their loan.

Can a small business offer contractor financing? Yes, and it is very simple to get started. Let HFS Financial handle everything for you. Customers can contact us directly at 1-800-254-9560 to discuss their loan questions. They can also fill out this home improvement loan application in just 60 seconds. Contact us today to get your contractor financing secured.


Can a Small Business Offer Contractor Financing?

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