Can Exhibiting at Fall Festivals Help Contractors Get More Clients?

use fall festivals as a new way to get clients

Finding ways to reach new clients is always a challenge when you own a contractor business. You try new approaches to marketing and trade shows, but you can’t help but think that there are opportunities you might be missing out on. During the fall there are a steady stream of festivals to take part in. But can exhibiting at fall festivals help contractors get more clients? We’ll tell you why you should give them a try. 

Show Off Previous Projects

When you think of fall festivals, you probably have visions of pumpkins and hay bales everywhere. It’s true. You’ll definitely see that. But if you think that means it’s not the place for you, think again. What you and the other vendors have in common is showing off your work. 

Fall festivals are the perfect place for you to provide examples of the amazing work your company does. Many attendees will look at ways to make their home more cozy and comfortable during the winter months. This can go beyond simple fall décor and extend to home improvement projects completed by your team. Be sure your table or booth offers fantastic before and after pictures or even a monitor with a slide show of your work. 

Build Your Local Reputation

Exhibiting at fall festivals also helps reinforce your solid reputation in the community. Does your contractor business partner with Habitat for Humanity or do volunteer work to improve the area? Make sure your booth or table highlights that as well. When potential customers see that you do great work and strive to make the community a better place, they’re more likely to pick your company. 

You can also draw interest to your booth by doing some simple DIY demonstrations. Choose an easy project like adding new hardware to your front door or the proper way to repaint shutters. Set up a simple station where you can demonstrate best practices. Give people a chance to try techniques, and you can educate them. 

Discuss Financing

After showing off your incredible work, you may hear attendees comment about not being able to afford home improvements right now. Use those opportunities to discuss contractor financing options. When you work with HFS Financial, you have a key feature that the competition may not be able to offer: financing. As you talk with prospective clients at festivals, you can tell them how easy it is to work with HFS Financial to get the right financing option for them.

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