Can I Offer Financing for Pool Renovations?

A beautifully updated in-ground pool was made possible by financing for pool renovations.

You already know that partnering with HFS Financial is an excellent way to bring in more customers and grow your business, but you may be wondering if you can offer financing for pool renovations. And the answer to that question is a whole-hearted yes! 

Let’s look at a few reasons why you would want to and how you can let your clients know all the different projects they can do with a little help from HFS Financial. 

Offering Pool Renovation Financing through HFS Financial

Just like you can offer renovation financing for a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, you can also offer financing for pool renovations. And the process is just as simple as any of our other financing options. 

When you meet with a client who’s interested in pool renovations, simply point them to your website where you’ve got the HFS Financial widget. They can click the widget, and that will automatically put them in contact with our financing team. 

And that’s all you have to do! From there, we’ll connect them with the perfect loan option for their pool renovation, and you’ll do what you do best: renovate their pool. 

Why Should You Offer Financing for Pool Renovations?

So, you may find yourself also wondering why you should offer financing for pool renovations. Is it even worth it? It absolutely is. Since you’ve already partnered with HFS Financial to offer all kinds of financing to your customers, there’s no reason not to. 

But even more important are those extra customers you could be reaching for your business. When you open your clients up to the possibility of financing for pool renovations, then you open yourself up to a new facet of clientele. You’ll have your typical clients who are looking for pool renovations with a plan for financing, but those clients who need financing will have a new option through you. There’s a potential for new clients that you wouldn’t have otherwise if you didn’t offer financing for pool renovations. 

Make Sure Your Clients Know You Offer Financing

One of the best things you can do for your business is to remind your clients about their financing options for just about any kind of home improvement project through HFS Financial. It could honestly be the difference between booking a client or not. 

And when you are offering financing for your clients, then you’re setting yourself apart from every other contractor who doesn’t offer financing. And that makes you an easy yes. 

Just make sure your clients know about your financing offerings and all the benefits of financing through HFS Financial.

Sometimes printing fliers can be a simple and easy way to get the information to your clients in a concise and clear way. Our contractor resource center has printable resources just for you. That way you can be certain that your clients not only know about their financing options, but they also have a reference page. 

HFS Financial 

The bottom line is that you absolutely can and should offer financing for pool renovations. Just make sure your clients know it’s an option and you’ll be good to go. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Can I Offer Financing for Pool Renovations?

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