Can I Offer New Floor Financing?

HFS offers floor financing for your contracting business.

New floor financing is a must-have for most home improvement contractors because floor installation is the bread and butter for many of you. So you might be wondering, “Can I offer new floor financing?” And the answer is absolutely when you partner with the incredible team at HFS Financial. 

New floor financing doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a ton of reasons why you might want to make sure that your contracting business is offering new floor installations along with new floor financing. Let’s look at a few. 

New Floor Financing Can Reach a Wide Customer Base

One excellent reason you absolutely need to implement new floor financing and installation is simply that you can reach so many existing and new clients. As you well know, floor replacement is one of the most popular home improvement projects for people to choose when they’re upgrading things around their homes. 

New floors can help an older home feel more modern, look newer and cleaner, and increase home value. And floors often suffer more traffic and abuse than any other part of a house which means nearly everyone could benefit from some floor updating.

And that’s good news for you.

So, naturally, offering new floor financing as a home improvement contractor is an excellent option because of the potential to reach a wide audience of potential customers. 

Offering new floor financing is an excellent way to bring in new and repeat customers to your contacting business because they don’t have to go anywhere else. 

Increase Your Business with Financing

Another benefit to offering new floor financing is the possibility of an increase in overall business. Not only can you bring in more customers, but you could also bring in more business from those potential customers.

Once a client learns more about your home improvement business, they have to make the decision to book you. If you can offer options like new floor financing, you will likely book more business more often. 

And even those clients who hire you right off the bat may be able to hire you to do more for them with the added option of new floor financing. If they can finance that new floor, then they may be able to add more to their home improvement endeavors like an upgraded kitchen or bathroom. 

All of those possibilities offer potential growth opportunities for you. More financing options for your clients mean more success and growth for your contracting company. 

How Should You Talk About Financing Options with Your Clients?

The thing about offering new floor financing is that it absolutely can help your business thrive. But there’s a catch. Your customers have to know about it first. 

That’s why the team at HFS Financial recommends that you mention new floor financing (and all the other kinds of home improvement financing that HFS can help you facilitate) to each and every customer. It might sound overwhelming at first, but it’s really simple to add to your existing script for potential clients. 

Just like you would tell them about your business and what services you offer, you simply need also to mention that you offer contractor financing through HFS Financial. You can even utilize fliers, pamphlets, or emails to keep your client base aware of the opportunity for financing and the benefits they could see. 

The most important thing to do is to make sure your customers are aware of their options. 

Offer New Floor Financing Through HFS Financial

If you’re already partnered with HFS Financial, then you absolutely can and should be offering new floor financing to all your clients. If you’re not yet partnered with HFS, make that a reality today so you can offer the best contractor financing available. 

With HFS Financial, “Orange is the New Green.” 

Can I Offer New Floor Financing?

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