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Home improvement projects are a big deal! From hiring a contractor to choosing your colors and styles to getting a good deal on home improvement financing — HFS is here to help. We post blogs here every week to help consumers learn more about home improvement and how to get it done right. When you’re ready to invest in the home improvements of your dreams, we hope you turn to HFS Financial. We work hard to earn your business! 

HFS Financial offers fast loans at competitive rates, helping homeowners with everything from a new swimming pool for forever staycations to that new bathroom addition that helps married couples stay that way — or the kitchen renovation that helps you fall in love with cooking all over again.

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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating Your Swimming Pool

So, it’s time for your swimming pool to undergo a facelift. Whether it’s an outdated style that makes you cringe, features you no longer use that you’d like to replace with something more suitable to your needs, or your pool is in desperate need of repair, a renovation project can breathe new life into your

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How much does a swimming pool renovation cost?

You’ve always stayed on top of your water care and other routine pool tasks, but you’ve noticed that your swimming pool is starting to look a little worn. While it almost sounds like a luxury expense to repair or remodel your pool, it’s actually an important part of your maintenance. Just like with any other

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5 Signs That Its Time for a Pool Repair

5 Signs That Its Time for a Pool Repair

Maybe you don’t need an emergency swimming pool repair yet, but you can still save yourself plenty of time and money by catching smaller issues before they turn into big ones. As a pool owner, it might seem silly to inspect your pool for issues. In some cases, however, these signs are enormous indications that your

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Pool Care

3 Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

There are so many great benefits to owning a pool. Plus, with the amazing pools and spas available today, pool care is easier than ever. But there are some common myths that lead many homeowners to make simple pool care mistakes. While this may seem harmless, frequently making these pool care mistakes can cause damage

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Pool Remodel

What’s the Process for Pool Remodeling?

A pool is a fantastic investment for most homeowners. It provides a great place to relax and enjoy your property, and it even provides health and fitness benefits. Eventually even the best pool may need updates however, and possibly a full remodel. If you’re considering remodeling your pool, it might seem completely overwhelming. Here are

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