Contractor Financing 101

contractor financing

Being a contractor is exciting because of all of the beautiful things you are able to create and see to completion. Offering contractor financing makes your enjoyable job even better because you are giving yourself more opportunities to work. Home improvement projects aren’t free, which is why offering the best possible contractor financing for customers is crucial. HFS Financial is here to make your contractor financing irresistible. We’ve been in the home improvement loan industry for nearly six decades. Our years of experience are yours to glean from. Here is a quick rundown of Contractor Financing 101.

Our Financing is Freeing

First, when you choose to work with us, you are quickly freeing up your time. You will no longer need to help each customer do the exhaustive work of finding the best financing option for their particular project. This frees you to concentrate on what you love to do — bringing home improvement dreams to life.

HFS Financial does all of the loan searching for anyone who inquires about a loan. Our team works efficiently and communicates quickly. Within three business days, answers will be ready for the homeowner who applied. All that you need to do is to ensure that your website is equipped to connect your customers to our crew. We even have a contractor resource center to help make this step easy.

Our Financing is Free to You

Next, you do not lose any money when you allow HFS Financial to do your contractor financing. We don’t charge you anything to partner with us. Simply put, we work together with you as the contractor to make the home improvement build enjoyable from start to finish. Finding the necessary funding is not unpleasant when you work with the experts.

Our Financing Keeps Your Cash Flowing

Another great thing to keep in mind about excellent contractor financing is that HFS Financial turns your customers into cash buyers. Contractors need constant cash flow, and we are here to help make that happen

At HFS Financial, we use a model of funding that is unique and unmatched. It’s called no stage funding. This means the entire amount of the loan goes directly to the homeowner when they are approved and the paperwork is completed. They are then able to pay you up front, and the transformational work can get started. 

Our Funding is Full of Possibilities

To finish up our Contractor Financing 101, remember that our contractor funding is full of possibilities. Home improvement dreams have no limit. Some customers want a brand new pool or outdoor kitchen. Others want some gorgeous kitchen countertops or luxurious, updated bathrooms. Necessary home improvements, such as a new roof or new plumbing, are also very frequently in the picture. 

The great part about HFS Financial is that we help customers with any home improvement loan that they need. Whether the project is small and only needs $1,000, or the remodel is spectacular and may reach our peak at $500,000, we are here to help. 

It only takes 60 seconds to apply for ANY home improvement loan. Our loan consultants are also available at 1-800-254-9560 to talk about the customer’s ideas for improving their home. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” Use our Customer Financing 101 to get started on your ideal partnership to connect your clients to the dependable, attainable financing they need.


HFS Financial solely operates in the home improvement lending space which means we can confidently say that we are THE HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN EXPERTS. When you apply at HFS Financial you will get a customized loan experience tailored to ensuring you get the best personal loan to meet your home improvement loan needs.

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