Best-in-Class Customer Financing for Contractors

Are you ready to get paid on your schedule instead of the bank’s? 
Here at HFS, we don’t only exist to help homeowners find financing to bring their dreams to life. Our mission is also to help contractors get paid easier, reach more customers by offering financing, and build their businesses. 

How does it work?

We team up with contractors, home improvement experts, pool builders, home renovators, remodeling contractors, and more. “Offering contractor financing” sounds complicated, but it’s dead easy. You don’t have paperwork to fill out or a complicated process to walk through — we handle all of that part! 

When you send your customers to HFS Financial for financing, you can be sure they’re in safe hands.

We offer:

  • No Stage Funding – Loans Fund 100% Up-Front
  • Low fixed rates
  • Terms to 20 years
  • Loans up to $500,000

That’s right — no stage funding. After working with contractors for so long, we know what a game-changer that is. The whole project funds direct to the customer, up-front. 

Benefits of working with HFS

For Contractors
For Customers

What other contractors are saying

What contractors can offer home improvement financing through HFS Financial?

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