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Use Your Swimming Pool Loan For a Fiberglass Pool!

A swimming pool loan gives you the opportunity to buy the pool you've always wanted.

Should you choose to use your swimming pool loan to purchase a fiberglass pool, HFS Financial has established relationships with all manufacturers and builders of fiberglass pools.

After we secure your swimming pool loan, we would be glad to refer you to one of our fiberglass pool partners.

Do you have any questions about swimming pool loans or home improvement loans? We'll provide the answers.

All you have to do is call 1-800-254-9560. If our team is busy helping another customer, leave a message and we'll return your call promptly.

Attention Dealers

Dealers who are interested in working with HFS Financial, and helping our clients use their swimming pool loan to achieve their dreams, can apply to be part of our recommended network.

Simply fill out the Dealer Application Form and once we've reviewed the information, we'll be in touch.