Everything a General Contractor Should Have on Their Website

A dark haired general contractor is working on his laptop with his tools around him. He's building a website that has everything a general contractor should have in a website.

A solid web presence is key in building your company’s name in the digital age. The first thing most potential customers will do is an online search for your company. If your website looks outdated or lacks critical content, chances are those customers will move on to a website that’s better. 

Whether you’re revamping an outdated site or starting from scratch, use the tips below for what every general contractor should have on their website. 

Get the Right Technology

A newly built website is inviting and fresh. But what happens when you need to update content? Make sure you select a content management system (CMS) that is easy to use. Sites such as WordPress are popular and easy to navigate. That way, when you need to make adjustments, you can do so quickly and easily. 

Another thing every general contractor should have on their website is a good, strong hosting service. You can’t have a website without a hosting service. When selecting yours, be sure it’s fast and secure. 

Security is obviously important in protecting your files and not allowing hackers access to the information you capture from leads. Speed is also important, though. Don’t let customers leave your site due to slow page downloads. It’s worth a few extra dollars each month for faster downloads and upgraded security. 

Every general contractor should have a website that you can easily use and that’s fast and secure.

Make It Mobile Friendly

With the majority of internet traffic happening on mobile devices, it’s important that your website is mobile friendly. Ensure potential clients can easily navigate your site from a mobile device by including these items:

  • Visible menu navigation at all times.
  • Buttons or links that are appropriately spaced (no accidental clicks by big thumbs).
  • Ease of readability — No need to scroll from side to side to finish a sentence. 

Every general contractor should have a website that’s mobile friendly, so you’re capitalizing on every potential client who views your website. 

Strong Content

Make your website the one customers always come back to because of the content. Here are a few key items to focus on: 

  • Homepage — Provide a brief description of your company.
  • Social Media — If you’re on any social media platforms, include links so customers can follow along for images of your latest projects or new blog content. 
  • About Us — Use this space to go into more detail about your company and the work you do.
  • Blog — Create content related to your company, including tips for renovation projects, selecting a paint color for a home, and more.
  • Contact Us — A great site means nothing if people don’t know how to reach you.
  • Products and Services — What do you offer? Here’s a great spot to showcase all the great products, services, and work you provide.
  • Client Reviews — You know those clients who can’t stop raving about the work you did on their remodel? Ask them to say a few words and include their reviews on your site along with pictures of the finished product!

The longer you keep people on your website, the more likely they are to learn all they want to know about you. Give them all the information they need to want to hire you.

Quality Images

If you have a collection of original images from projects you’d like to showcase, this is the time to use them. Professional images are always preferred, but if you have great-quality amateur pictures, those will also work. 

In a pinch, you can use stock images found online. Just make sure you obtain them legally and aren’t snagging them from a Google image search. 

These quality images will give your clients a good idea of what to expect from your work. So, quality images are definitely something any general contractor should have on their website. 

A General Contractor Should Offer Contractor Financing

When you put the finishing touches on your website, don’t forget financing! HFS Financial has a free, handy widget that you can place directly on your new or revamped website. We can help your customers find the right financing option for their project — all at no cost to you. 

You’ll get the payment you need, and your clients will have a smile on their faces when the work is completed to their liking. 

HFS Financial offers financing options for almost any home improvement project. Contact us today at 1-800-254-9560 for more information. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Everything a General Contractor Should Have on Their Website

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