Exercise Pools: Ways to Remodel Your Pool For Fitness

A fast growing trend in pool design and remodeling is to remodel the pool with your own health and fitness goals in mind. Homeowners are finding that the ability to use their pool both recreationally as well as for exercise, health, and fitness, increases its value and gives it a wider appeal. Plus, there are a number of benefits to moving your exercise routine to the water, which is another factor driving the growth of this trend. Learn more about remodeling your pool for fitness in our blog!

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Exercise Pools: Remodeling Your Pool for Fitness

Exercise pools offer a unique environment in which homeowners can achieve their health and fitness goals. Swimming works nearly every muscle in the body, which means swimmers can get a full body workout in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, unlike running, there’s no impact with swimming, which makes this exercise easy on joints while still offering a great workout.

But there’s more to pool fitness than just swimming laps. Hydrotherapy is another pool fitness technique that is gaining in popularity. Hydrotherapy is essentially warm water therapy in a hot tub or spa. The heat and natural buoyancy of the water, combined with massaging jets, provide both mental and physical health benefits.

With these pool fitness strategies in mind, here’s how you can remodel or build your pool to achieve them.

A Lap Pool with Resistance Jets

If you don’t have the space for a lap pool (which is not uncommon), or if you would rather keep your pool on the small side, consider a lap pool with resistance jets. In these pools, strong jets push water out of one end of the pool to create a current you swim against. The strength of the jets can be adjusted to make this exercise easier or harder.

The great thing about this method is that it requires very little space. Think of it like a treadmill in the water. You’re swimming in place, so you don’t need much room to do “laps.” Homeowners who want to use water to exercise but don’t want a big pool are turning more and more to lap pools with resistance jets.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Outdoor hot tubs and spas can be used for much more than just relaxation. With modifications for hydrotherapy, hot tub owners can enjoy the healing properties and physical health benefits of heat, buoyancy, and massaging jets.

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Exercise Pools: Ways to Remodel Your Pool For Fitness

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