Expand Your Door and Window Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

An outdoor kitchen sits under a thatched pergola. The kitchen was installed by a door and window business.

Is your door and window business ready for expansion? As a small business owner, you need to consider and explore all opportunities for growth. Outdoor kitchens are an excellent opportunity for any contractor to grow and expand their business. Lots of families are investing time and energy into making their homes a more enjoyable space, and it’s time to capitalize on that. So, let’s take a look at how you can expand your door and window business by offering outdoor kitchen installations. 

Door and Window Business Installation Skills

As a door and window contractor, you already have a certain set of skills that lends itself well to the installation of outdoor kitchens. So, while it may not seem like the two are related, you might be surprised. 

Precision matters. In window and door installation you have to be precise and intentional about every move you make. The same is true for outdoor kitchen installations. Outdoor countertops need to be designed well to incorporate the outdoor appliances, and you already know how to work with specific dimensions. So, since you’re looking to expand your business, utilize the skills you already have to offer outdoor kitchen installations. That may not be the only skill you already have that you can use again. 

Repeat Clients

An outdoor kitchen with wooden cabinets and brick backsplash was installed by a door and window business.
Door and window businesses can easily install outdoor kitchens.

It’s also possible that expanding your business to include outdoor kitchen installations will allow you to welcome some past customers back to your contracting services. If you’ve been focusing on door and window installations for the bulk of your business up until now, then you can definitely reach out to those past clients to see if they’d be interested in an outdoor kitchen installation. 

Maybe you’ve installed some really great patio doors for someone who definitely needs an outdoor kitchen for those doors to open up to. You’ve already built the client relationship there (and the doors), so it makes sense that you can continue the relationship and expand your business. 

Door and Window Contractor Financing

And finally, offering outdoor kitchen installations is yet another opportunity to offer contractor financing for your clients. There are so many people out there who are absolutely interested in the services of a door and window business, but they simply don’t have the necessary funding to get their jobs done. You have the opportunity to offer door and window contractor financing and supply the financing options they need. Door contractor financing and window contractor financing is actually a really great way to expand the reach of your business to those customers who need the funding. 

So, not only can you expand your business by offering outdoor kitchen installation, but you can also expand your business by offering contractor financing. Open your business up to the demographic of clients who need both your services and your contractor financing options. Then you can see your business grow and thrive.

HFS Financial

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Expand Your Door and Window Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

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