Expand your Gutter and Siding Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Outdoor Kitchen

Are you ready to expand your gutter and siding business into other areas? Outdoor kitchen installations are a great way to break into the home renovation market. It combines working outside (which you’re used to) with the frontier of remodeling. Change can be difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run when you can be the go-to business for gutters, siding, and outdoor kitchens. 

Transfer Your Skills to Outdoor Kitchens

You might think you know nothing about building an outdoor kitchen, but that’s probably not the case. You know how to find and negotiate with new suppliers, right? You might be able to use some of your current suppliers, but finding new ones shouldn’t be a problem for a contracting pro like you.

Take a look at the skills and tools you already have. You may be surprised just how much you have going for you where outdoor kitchen installation is concerned.

The Beauty of Working Outside

As a gutter and siding business contractor, you are already used to outdoor amenities. Does your work schedule have empty slots where outdoor kitchen installations might be a good space to fill? Or would you like to expand your business a little more and hire on a crew that specializes in outdoor kitchens? Either way, you’ll enjoy the beauty of working outside while making your customer’s homes wonderful.

Outdoor Kitchens Are Different

In the same way, working outside means you can come and go more easily. You won’t need to bother the homeowner to get in their house, and you won’t feel like you’re disrupting their life as much. Additionally, clean-up will be easier than indoor construction.

From a design standpoint, building an outside addition gives you innumerable possibilities. The blueprint of the house won’t hinder your creativity. Your only limitation will be the size of the backyard. Clients can dream big in regard to an outdoor cooking and prep area, refrigeration and grills, and even wood-fired pizza ovens. And when outdoor dining is a desire, there are wonderful ways to add patio space to compliment the outdoor kitchen area, too.

Endless Opportunities for Outdoor Kitchen Add-Ons

There are a few “extras” you can upsell to gutter and siding customers. However, that is nothing compared to the number of “extras” you can offer to outdoor kitchen customers. 

Pretty much every big indoor kitchen appliance has an outdoor counterpart. The durability and materials needed for those outdoor appliances can increase your profit margin. 

Other add-on examples include fire pits, under-counter coolers, warming drawers, ice makers, and more.

Provide Outdoor Kitchen Financing

When you add outdoor kitchens to your portfolio, you’ll naturally be dealing with higher-dollar home improvement projects. Make customer financing easy by partnering with HFS Financial. After filling out the 60-second inquiry, your clients will get to choose the financing option that’s best for their project. What’s more? Their outdoor kitchen will be financed upfront, so you can get started ASAP. Remember, at HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

Expand your Gutter and Siding Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

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