Expand Your Swimming Pool Business by Offering These Great Add-On Products

great add-on products for a swimming pool business

Pool businesses are popular everywhere. As a contractor, you want people to choose your swimming pool business to build the masterpiece they’re imagining. A swimming pool is a luxury that homeowners anticipate and dream about until it becomes a reality. HFS Financial has been in the home improvement loan industry for over five decades. We enjoy helping pool builders provide the best contractor financing for customers as they search for a new pool loan. You can expand your swimming pool business by offering these great add-on products from your company as well.

Wowing Water Features

First, you know that each customer wants their busy swimming pool to be unique and incredible. Because shapes and types of pools limit the customization of some homeowners’ building designs, you want to think beyond that as you help them nail down their final plans. Water features are one extra product that you can suggest for people searching for the perfect pool builder.

Fountains are just the beginning of extra water features that can be incorporated into a pool’s design. Waterfalls can add beauty and extra falling water to play in. Cascade water features are pretty and splash-friendly, too. Statues or bowls with water spilling out can also add to a pool’s overall appearance.

Shallow Spots for Specific Use

Next, a shallow area in a pool can be very beneficial for pool owners. For instance, a wading pool is the perfect place for young children to spend their time in the water. A tanning ledge is also a great add-on product for homeowners to consider for their swimming pool design. What’s more relaxing than sitting to soak up the sun in an area with easily accessible water for cooling off in the process?

In-Pool Spa for Soaking 

A spa is a wonderful thing to have, no matter where it rests. An in-pool spa is a great addition to a custom-made pool design. Customers can customize the layout by including an area set aside for relaxation and hydrotherapy. This can enhance the design and allow them to get even more use out of their new backyard oasis for leisure time. You could be the swimming pool business that is known for amazing in-pool spas that are the perfect complement to your gorgeous pools. 

Patio Furniture with Purchase

The goal is to expand your swimming pool business by offering these great add-on products that customers can’t resist. Perhaps you want to provide your customers with a comfortable place to sit beside the masterpiece you create for them. Consider offering a set of patio furniture with their pool purchase. When customers know that you want them to completely enjoy their pool by adding to its surroundings, they will spread the word to others looking for a new pool too.

A swimming pool business plan is crucial for your company’s expansion. Partnering with HFS Financial for your contractor financing is the first thing to add to your business plan. Our knowledgeable consultants are waiting for your call at 1-800-254-9560. Anyone can also take just 60 seconds to inquire about a home improvement loan. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” Let us handle the financial side of things, while you concentrate on the add-on products to offer your customers.

Expand Your Swimming Pool Business by Offering These Great Add-On Products

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