Financing for Home Generators

Being prepared for a power outage is vital for homeowners. Whether you live in wildfire-swept California, the common snowstorms of the Midwest, or the frequent tornado outbreaks of the Deep South, power outages can disrupt your lifestyle in unbelievable ways. A whole home generator keeps your lights on, your water heater running, and the heater or air conditioner working, no matter what life brings. But a whole home generator, or just a smaller generator capable of running the lights and a few appliances, isn’t cheap!

Did you know, you can finance a home generator? HFS Financial helps homeowners find the financing they need for whole home generators and all other types of home improvements and repairs. You don’t have to put up with power outages that take out your internet, make it hard to get to work, and keep the kids from taking their baths. HFS Financial can help you prepare for an emergency power outage by finding you financing for a home generator. Applying takes just 1 – minute and to do so does not affect your credit score.