Handling Picky Customers

Handling picky customers

As a contractor, you have to be a jack of all trades. You place the orders for materials, you plan out the projects and lead your team. On top of all of that, you also deal with your customers. For the most part, this can be a pleasant experience as you work alongside homeowners who are cooperative and helpful. But occasionally you’ll have a picky customer that adds a new level of challenges to your building project. If customer relations are an area that could use some improvement, stick with us. We’ll give you some tips on handling picky customers. 

Clear Expectations

At the start of any project, it’s always a good idea to put the project plan in writing for clients. This is especially wise if you have a hint that your new customers may be slightly more picky. 

Before one nail is hammered, go over the entire project plan. Go into detail about timelines and what you expect from them regarding payment or when key decisions must be made. With these details carefully listed on paper, it ensures that everyone is on the same page and provides something to refer back if questions arise. 

Alert Your Team

Occasionally some customers may get down into the weeds of construction details. Sometimes they’ll dive deep with anyone available to listen. Prepare your crew ahead of time. If you feel confident in their ability to answer the customers’ questions, let them handle it. If you prefer to have one consistent point of communication, then instruct your team to direct any and all questions back to you. 


An overly anxious or picky customer could have had a bad experience previously. That could be why they want to be intricately involved in the project. Rather than telling them to trust you or that you’ll handle it, take a moment and hear them out. Listen to their concerns, take notes, and ask questions when necessary. These few extra minutes spent with your customers can help to put their minds at ease, knowing that you’ve taken into account their concerns. 

Keep Your Cool

It can happen to the best of us. You’re under pressure to finish the project and you’re inundated with questions, comments, or complaints from your customers. It can be overwhelming. 

Rather than letting someone make you lose your cool, take a minute to calm yourself. If they have a complaint about an aspect of the project, stop and consider a potential solution that you can provide. Arguing won’t solve the issue at hand, but when you can offer a solution to make it right, that can make all the difference in smoothing over a sticky situation.

These are just a few ideas for handling picky customers. Another great way to win over a picky customer is to offer financing! HFS Financial can help connect your clients with the best contractor financing for customers. With our quick 60-second application, customers can get the answers they need for any potential projects. You’ve already got so much to handle. Take one thing off your list and partner with HFS Financial. Call us today at 1-800-254-9560 to get started. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Handling Picky Customers

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