HFS Financial is Not Affiliated with Other Similarly Named Lenders

This week, we just wanted to take a brief opportunity to address a situation which may lead to some confusion among homeowners looking to get a loan for home improvement, paying bills, or other financial needs.

HFS Financial and Your Project Loan are not affiliated with other lenders that may have a similar name. This includes a financial services company based in California known as Household Finance HFS (or HFC) Beneficial Mortgage. Let us repeat that we are not in any way associated or affiliated with this company.

Some customers of Household Finance HFS Beneficial Mortgage have reported that they have been taken advantage of by this company. We do not take advantage of those who use our services. We pride ourselves on offering a reliable and trustworthy service for our customers.

HFS Financial and Your Project Loan operate in all 50 states. We offer a fast 60-second loan application and an easy and reliable method of securing a loan for whatever your financial needs entail.

While we may operate in some of the same states as the previously named lender, we are not, in any way, associated or affiliated in any way shape or form with this lender.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We look forward to continuing to assist you with your financial needs in the future. To learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

HFS Financial

HFS Financial is Not Affiliated with Other Similarly Named Lenders

HFS Financial solely operates in the home improvement lending space which means we can confidently say that we are THE HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN EXPERTS. When you apply at HFS Financial you will get a customized loan experience tailored to ensuring you get the best personal loan to meet your home improvement loan needs.