Loans for Pole Barns


Many people want to add to their property by building an additional structure that could be used for various purposes,but they aren’t sure how or where to start. HFS Financial is here to help you finance that addition to your primary property with a pole barn!

What Are Pole Barns?

Pole barns, or post-frame buildings, are becoming a popular way of adding extra usable space to your primary property. They are structures that use poles set four to six feet in the ground and eight to ten feet apart as the frame structure of the building. This creates a very sturdy frame that transfers substantial weight and forces directly to the ground, which means it can support a lot. This setup also means that pole barn structures have ample open space. This is great for areas that need to be open, like equipment storage, a gathering place or a dance room.

Pole barns also do not require a concrete slab or poured foundation, so they can be constructed on uneven ground with much less difficulty than other building types. Whether you are looking to build a barn, a storage shed, a garage, an extra workspace, an in-law suite, or a man cave/she shed, pole barns are a wonderful way to go.

Another nice feature of pole barns is that they are very cost effective. Smaller structures can even be done DIY! (Larger ones will likely require a contractor.)

Since there is no need to pour a concrete slab to build it, this dramatically lowers the construction cost. Unlike a stick-frame structure that needs studs every one and a half to two feet apart, the poles that construct the frame of the building can be placed eight to ten feet apart, limiting the number of materials needed and further lowering the cost.



Building this way will also give you more flexibility in how you want to design the interior. With no need for load-bearing walls inside the structure, walls can be placed according to any design without worrying about a wall or beam having to be somewhere to help support the weight of the building.

You can put as much or as little as you want into the structure, giving you financial flexibility and efficiency. Want a large open area to store hay for your livestock? A pole barn can be built to fit those needs. Do you need stalls, a tack room, or other livestock storage needs? We’ve got you covered. Do you want a more elaborate layout to host parties, extra workout space, or both? A pole barn can accommodate those needs as well.

What Types of Buildings Can Be Constructed in a Pole Barn Style?

We have all seen the typical hay barn either in real life or in photos, but pole barns are being used for so much more nowadays. We have already mentioned venues, event spaces, home gyms, man caves, storage spaces, and even granny flats, but did you know that you can really make them into whatever you want?



Pole barns remain popular, especially in rural areas, but the building technique has caught on in other structures, including pole-barn-style homes, cabins, churches, picnic shelters, and stables. These make excellent living spaces, extra sporting and lawn equipment storage, spaces to keep out-of-season decorations, and even a place to “store” the teenagers when they start their rock band! The sky is the limit with a pole barn building. You dream it and we will help you accomplish the financing you need.

How Do I Know If a Pole Barn is Suitable for Me?

A pole barn is ideal for you if you want extra, usable space without building an entirely new mini home. Anyone looking to build a barn or storage shed, especially, should consider using a pole barn as the structure for this type of building. It could be the best type of building for this purpose and a great fit for your needs.

This is also a fantastic structure if you want to make something like a pool house, man cave, or in-law suite. A pole barn is sturdy, can be constructed quickly, is easy to insulate, and easily adjusts to fit different purposes.

Another excellent use for a pole barn is for entertainment space. A pole barn is a perfect structure, whether it is an event venue or a family gathering place. Since it can be built as a vast open space, it is easy to have a big room that can be set up for a wide variety of events. If you have a big family, a pole barn is a unique space to host family gatherings. There is plenty of room for everyone to be together and space to spread out and have different activities going on at one time.

It is definitely the way to go if you need an extra garage or workshop space. You can have primarily open space with a pole barn structure, accommodating whatever type of workspace you need.

Pole barn buildings are also outstanding options for additions to your current home or a unique opportunity for building a new home on your property. Whatever you are trying to do, pole barns are worth a look.



How Will Having a Pole Barn Benefit Me and My Home?

Pole barns can benefit you and your home in a variety of ways. Obviously, if you need another structure on your property for a specific purpose, a pole barn can meet this need.

If you want to upgrade and add value to your property, pole barn structures are a great way to do this. You may get more than your money’s worth in added value than you had to spend building the structure – especially as your home and property increase in value over time.

If you ever need to sell your property, you may be able to get a more significant return than without the pole barn structure. As with most things, much of the benefit that you get from a pole barn will be from how you decide to use it. Whether as a shed, pool house, workshop, art studio, or man cave, your return on the space will pay off in both a usable area and a boost to your property. It is well worth the investment of building a pole barn structure to your primary residence.

How Can I Finance Building a Pole Barn?

HFS Financial is here to help you get financing for any home improvement project you may have on the agenda this year. Simply use our rate check tool, and in just 60 seconds, you will see all of the options available to you.

We pride ourselves on helping consumers find the best financing options for their home improvement visions. Once you have completed your rate check with no impact to your credit score, one of our experienced consultants will reach out to you to help you continue your search to find the perfect loan for your needs.

This first step in completing your home improvement journey should be the easiest one. After you have been approved for your personal loan, you’ll receive money upfront, with no staged financing to worry about during your project. This allows you to move along with your pole barn without worrying about being able to pay for materials or workers.

Reach out today to get started making your dreams come true. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Important note: Our pole barn loans are for primary residences only. We cannot assist with a commercial pole barn loan or one for your investment property. But if you’re building at your primary residence, we’ve got the best pole barn loans available.

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