How a Contractor Should Build Working Relationships

working relationships

When you want to build a business that is ongoing and successful, it’s important to have quality relationships that you can count on. Contractors who have exceptional success know how to boost their online presence to bring in the work that they need. They are also masters at working with clients and networking associates—leading to the completion of stunning projects for their clients. And when you share your success and give back to your community, there’s no limit on what you can do. Here’s how to build working relationships as you build your contracting business.


Bolstering Business

Whether you are 25 or 65, it’s scary to be the new kid on the block. What do you do when you are new to the area and need to get your name out there? A great online presence is key. First, you need a wonderful website. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to contain everything that a prospective client would be looking for.

Make sure there is easy access for clients to find out the type of work you do, photos to show the quality of your workmanship, and a space for them to contact you and send you their information. Getting interested parties to sign up for a newsletter or freebie from your website is a great way to get leads. Once you collect new leads, you’ll be able to get the name of your contractor business in front of them continually. And soon, you’ll be building a reputable business with exceptional working relationships.


Working with Clients

Once those leads start rolling in for new clients to schedule their work projects, you’ll know you are on the right track. Whether you are working with a first-time homeowner, or someone who has lived in their house for decades, each client should be treated with attention and respect. When people have work done on their homes, it may not come as a surprise that they will be excited and at times anxious.

Don’t be afraid to break the ice during your initial meetings. Spend a good amount of time getting to know the client and listening to their specific needs. It will help you design just the right space for them, and they will be impressed that you hit the nail on the head where their construction project is concerned. Then, as the work starts rolling, make sure to keep your clients up to date on their home projects. The confidence they have in you will spill over as they speak about your company to friends and family. You will also be able to get some incredible reviews to help build your business as a reputable resource for interested customers in the future. 


Incredible Customer Service is Always a Plus

Next, when you offer exceptional customer service, everyone in town is going to hear about it and want to come to you first. Over-and-above customer service is a fantastic way to develop solid working relationships. Keeping an open path of communication with your clients is a must. Ask questions and listen to your client’s answers. Communicate quickly when things go wrong. Provide solutions to problems and answers to questions. Also, offer something that is a bit special at times, like free upgraded cabinets or design advice that benefits the customer and makes you look fantastic.


Networking Necessities

Cultivating relationships with others who can benefit your business is always an important aspect of how you can build great working relationships. It is important to network with others in the home improvement arena, such as manufacturers, subcontractors, and interior designers. By working together, not only will you be able to get the job done more quickly and more beautifully, you will also benefit from building each other’s businesses by referral. As always, communication is key to these networking relationships working well, as is respect, an incredible work ethic, and delivering on your promises to each other.


Share Your Success

As your contracting business grows, take the time to share your success. If your clients are willing, take photos of their projects and share their stories and beautiful home on your website gallery and social media. If any other networking company worked with you to complete your incredible project, make sure you tag them as a public shout-out for a job well done. Working together to showcase your incredible work can be a huge part of developing working relationships.

And when your business is booming, don’t forget to share your success by giving back to your community. Many times throughout the year, your community may need your services and expertise. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity can benefit from your skills. And if you have a crew who can also volunteer, it is a great way to get your company’s name out there and to build working relationships with others in your community. Partner with your local Chamber of Commerce or non-profit construction organization.

You can also get involved in relief projects during natural disasters or overseas relief aid. The sky’s the limit on ways that you can help others as a general contractor. You’ll be able to build your business as a leader in customer and community care—becoming someone that EVERYONE wants a coveted working relationship with.


Financing Sends It Over The Top

Finally, one more thing can put your business over the top when it comes to working relationships: The best contractor financing. No longer do your prospective clients need to run around town, looking for financing options for their home improvement and construction projects. All they need to do is be directed to your website. With the easy-to-use widget from HFS Financial, clients can get all of their home financing options completed through their working relationship with you.

With low-rate loans and terms up to 20 years, your clients will be thrilled to know that you have their backs when it comes to financing their projects. Call us today at 1-800-254-9560, and we’ll help you as you build the best working relationships. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How a Contractor Should Build Working Relationships

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