How Contractors Can Use Craigslist for Smart Marketing

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As a contractor, you’re probably wondering how to market your business efficiently. Advertisements seem to get noticed by the general public, but they aren’t producing the number of leads you’d like to see. You don’t feel like you have time to try all of the social media platforms to test out which will be the best for your business. Have you considered looking outside social media? Try using Craigslist for smart marketing.

Craigslist is a great place to market your contracting business. Users on Craigslist are often specifically looking for your services, so you’re more likely to get potential leads from posting on Craigslist than from general advertising online. To make the most out of your Craigslist posts, here are some helpful tips.

Use Keywords

Craigslist search results are generated from two sources: date and keywords. When drafting content for your posts, be sure to include keywords your potential clients may search. To generate keywords, think of your services from a client’s point of view. If you’re a roofing contractor, your potential clients may not search “roofing contractor.” Instead, they may search “roof repair” or “roof replacement.” Try to include a few keywords per post to pop up in the greatest amount of search results.

Renew Your Posts

As mentioned above, Craigslist search results are partially based on date. Other than keywords, the best way to get your posts high on the result list is to renew them. Craigslist allows you to renew your posts every 48 hours. Be sure to set a reminder so you don’t forget!

Post at the Right Time

Do some research and see when your potential client pool is most active on Craigslist. If they’re most active from 12-2 p.m. on a Thursday, you’re not going to want to post at 9 a.m. on a Friday. By choosing the best times, you’re more likely to be seen by your potential clients.

Include Pictures

Pictures attract more people to your posts. And quality pictures of work well done is worth a million words. Not only are posts with pictures more interesting than posts with just text, they also show potential clients the superior quality of your work.

End With a Call to Action

Don’t include too much information in your post; you don’t want potential clients to get bored and leave. Instead, include lead information and end with a call to action to contact you with your preferred contact method. Also redirect them to your website to discover more information and details about your company and the services you provide.

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How Contractors Can Use Craigslist for Smart Marketing

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