How Contractors Should Handle Negative Reviews

How contractors should handle negative reviews

When searching for a contractor, the first stop for many potential customers is the internet. Thanks to your marketing efforts, your company’s name pops up as the search results populate. Potential customers can learn everything about your business, from pricing to project types and more. Unfortunately, they can also see any negative reviews posted about your company. Since reviews on sites like Yelp can influence the decisions of future clients, it’s important you know what’s being said about your company. Use these helpful tips on how contractors should handle negative reviews. 

Respond Promptly

Taking the high road is always a great option, but when you don’t respond to negative reviews, it automatically looks bad. Rather than ignore negative reviews about your company, it’s important to address it immediately. This will start the process of resolving whatever issue the complaint or bad review stemmed from. 

Don’t Hash It Out Online

When someone leaves a negative or critical review online, it can be tempting to address it right where the complaint started. Truth be told, these discussions are best handled face to face or over the phone. We all know how the words and the tone of a message can be misinterpreted in print. Instead, remove the possibility of starting an online debate and handle it with the customer directly. 

Request a New Review 

Once you’ve worked through the complaint behind a negative review and resolved the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, it’s fair for you to request a new review. They can either choose to edit or update their previous review or leave a brand new one. 

Remove Unjustified Negative Reviews

Occasionally everyone encounters a client that cannot be pleased. You bend over backwards to do what they ask and even pivot to accommodate changes they make along the way. Yet they still only have negative things to say about your company. When you encounter a client who is set on complaining about everything, it’s fair for you to reach out to the review site. Many sites have a policy that allows unjustified negative reviews to be taken down. 

Ask for Reviews

Once a project is completed, the final task on your to-do list should be to ask for a review. Consider a job unfinished unless you’ve asked your happy customers to share about their positive experience. 

The secret to getting responses is to make it easy. Don’t make customers search for it on your website or fill out a complicated questionnaire. Add a simple message to the final invoice about how happy you are that they’re pleased with the experience. Then, include a “Write a Review” link that takes them straight to the review page. 

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How Contractors Should Handle Negative Reviews

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