How Fencing and Decking Businesses Can Win More Customers By Offering Financing

A fencing and decking business contractor operates a pneumatic nail gun to finish building a new deck.

Growing your fencing and decking business can be a challenge. You might find yourself trying any number of crazy schemes to bring in more customers and sign more contracts. But is all of that really necessary? You may find yourself thinking, “There’s got to be a better way.” And, actually, there is! Let’s take a look at how fencing and decking businesses can win more customers by offering financing. 

Contractor Financing to Bring in Customers

Offering contractor financing to your customers is actually a great way to bring more customers into your business. Fencing contractors and decking contractors are often building projects that overall increase people’s quality enjoyment of their backyards. When you offer contractor financing, you’re offering that same opportunity to customers who might not otherwise be able to hire you for your services. That’s a demographic you haven’t reached yet, so it has the potential to really increase your customer base. And, in turn, you have an opportunity to help those people turn their backyard spaces into a wonderfully enjoyable place with a new deck or fence build. 

Contractor Financing to Increase Budgets

A fencing and decking business contractor hammers in the final nails on a small deck build behind a house.
Contractor financing can help your fencing and decking business customers build what they really want.

It’s also worth noting that offering financing as a decking and fencing contractor has the potential to increase the building budgets of your customers. Just think — if a customer comes in with a set cash budget in mind, but then they learn that you offer contractor financing, then they have the potential to use both their cash budget and your contractor financing to increase the size and scope of their project. That’s good news for both you and your client. You benefit from the larger project, and your clients benefit from the ability to fully build out their backyard the way they dream of. And that sounds like a win-win to us. 

Set Your Fencing and Decking Business Apart 

Contractor financing also has the greatest potential for setting your deck and fencing business apart from the competition. When your customers are looking for potential decking and fencing contractors, they’re likely perusing your online presence. They’ll look at your website and maybe your social media presence to get a feel for your business, but you likely won’t be the only deck or fencing contractor they look at. How will you set your business apart from other businesses to seal the deal? Contractor financing, of course. 

If your potential clients need funding to make their dream backyard a reality, the option to finance through your fencing and decking business will automatically set you apart from all of the contractors who weren’t savvy enough to offer financing. 

Contractor Financing with HFS Financial

The bottom line is that offering contractor financing through HFS Financial is actually an easy and effective way to win more customers for your fencing and decking business. It’s as simple as partnering with HFS and installing the HFS Financial widget on your website. Your customers will be connected with us, and you’ll be able to get to work on their project really quickly. So don’t wait around. Start building your customer base by partnering with HFS Financial today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How Fencing and Decking Businesses Can Win More Customers By Offering Financing

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