How Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractors Can Win More Customers By Offering Financing

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The bottom line for remodeling contractors’ business growth is booking more clients and winning more customers. So, naturally, you need to find all the best ways to make that happen. Doing quality work with integrity is the number one way to grow steadily with success. But did you know there’s more you can do? Here’s how kitchen and bath remodeling contractors can win more customers by offering financing. 

Make It Possible

There are actually a ton of people who are always thinking about remodeling their homes. So often though, the project is just out of their reach due to a lack of funds and difficulty in financing. By offering contractor financing as a home remodeling contractor, you have the opportunity to make it possible for these people to get the upgrades and remodels they really would like to have for their house. When they’re scrolling through your website or your social media pages make sure they see that you offer financing. That makes you a one-stop shop for all their home remodeling needs — and you make it all possible. And think about it… If financing is a need that a potential client has and you provide it where a competing house remodeling contractor does not, well, that puts you ahead of the competition. 

Get Ahead of the Competition

Speaking of getting ahead, offering financing as a house remodeling contractor can easily and clearly set you ahead of the competition. It’s really a no brainer when all other things are equal. And if a client really needs simple and complete funding, then why would they pursue any other option than you, the remodeling contractor who offers complete funding. 

Deliver Quality Work

The thing about offering contractor financing as a remodeling contractor is that you can deliver quality timely services because you have the funds ready to go. Under normal circumstances, you have to wait on your client to provide your funding. If they’re using typical financing options like a bank, it could take even longer for your funding to come through. And while that’s not your fault, it does make the whole process take longer.

With contractor financing through HFS Financial, that’s not the case. Your clients essentially become cash buyers because they receive their home improvement funds 100% up front. There is no stage funding. This allows you to complete your project with quality, integrity, and in a timely manner because the funds are there. That’s the kind of reputation that gets around, and that’s the kind of reputation that wins more customers. This is all because you decided to offer contractor financing through HFS Financial

Partnering with HFS Financial might be the easiest yet most influential decision you make as a remodeling contractor and business owner. You can win more customers and experience steady growth by offering contractor financing. Plus, your partnership is easy. All you need to do is contact our expert team, place our widget on your website, and your clients can become cash buyers in about 60 seconds. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractors Can Win More Customers By Offering Financing

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