How Long Can I Finance a Swimming Pool?


Picture another long summer afternoon, with the kids stuck in the house and nothing to do. Everyone is staring at screens in separate rooms. As you sit there wondering how you can bring your family back together (and get them off the games and text messaging), you’re suddenly hit with an epiphany. BOOM! It’s time to build that swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of. You begin the shopping process for the perfect pool and installer and you realize: you need, or want, to finance a swimming pool to bring that dream to life. So how much time do you need to make your dream a reality?

Finance it Your Way

HFS Financial offers terms up to 15 years, with no prepayment penalty, on a simple personal loan that requires NO equity, NO appraisal, and can fund in record time. WOW!  Fill out our 60-second loan application. We offer loans in all 50 states, making your swimming pool fantasy come to life, whether you live in Seattle, Washington; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix Arizona; or Bangor, Maine … though you better look into a heated pool if you live in the latter, sorry Bangor.

How it Works

According to HomeAdvisor, the average installation cost for a swimming pool is about $30,000. This includes both above-ground and inground pools. HFS can find you the loan you need and get you the money in one lump sum.  With the HFS platform, you are funded and control the money. Never allow a lender to fund the contractor directly as most want to do. This means you can pay your pool dealer and installer based on a draw schedule you and your contractor(s) agree upon and not one dictated by the lender. Go ahead and build that luxurious pool deck or install a safety fence for added security. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Contact us today and complete your free 60 second application. Our team of highly-trained consultants are on standby to get you the answers you need, fast.

How Long Can I Finance a Swimming Pool?

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