How Offering Contractor Financing Can Increase Cashflow Through the Off-Season

a calculator sits next to a pile of coins and a pair of glasses as a contractor considers how offering contractor financing can increase cashflow in the off-season

Increase your client base and bring in more cash. There are so many advantages to offering contractor financing that you really can’t afford not to offer it. You can step up your contracting business through contractor financing. Here’s how offering contractor financing can increase cashflow through the off-season.

Contractor Financing Increases Efficiency

When you choose to offer contractor financing to your customers, you choose to increase your efficiency on those off-season jobs. With contractor financing through HFS Financial, your customer’s loans fund 100% upfront. That means you’re never waiting for the next pay out or stage of funding. This means you’re a more efficient contractor. In the off-season, you often have more weather issues to contend with on the jobs that you do book. Waiting around for the next stage of funding or for some bank loan adjuster to visit your site means that you have yet another factor to consider in your project completion. Not so with HFS Financial contractor financing. Your client’s loan will make them equal to a cash buyer. You can get the funding and increase cashflow through the off-season that you need to complete your project in a timely manner — bad weather or no bad weather.

Contractor Financing Builds Relationships

One way you can use the off-season to your advantage is to invest in those relationships that will benefit your business. Whether it’s a frequent flier client, your suppliers, or subcontractors, take time to invest in those relationships. Offering contractor financing can help you do that. When you offer contractor financing you enable your clients, especially your frequent fliers, to get more done on their projects. Make sure that your clients know that you offer contractor financing. Use the off-season to have those conversations and plan all the projects you’ll do for the upcoming busy season. Increase the cashflow by increasing the financial capabilities of your client base.

Your suppliers can also benefit when you offer contractor financing. With increase in cashflow in the off-season that comes from offering contractor financing, you can afford to spend more on your building supplies. Make sure your suppliers know that you offer contractor financing. This relationship can, in turn, increase you cashflow when your suppliers mention you to other contractors who may need your expertise. You may even find potential client leads.

Contractor Financing Facilitates Future Planning

When you offer contractor financing, you automatically open your business up to another tier of potential clients. Those who may not be able to offer cash can easily finance their home improvement projects through your contractor financing partnership. More clients automatically means more money and more success for your business. With that increased cashflow, you can use your off-season to plan how you’ll better your business for the next season and all the seasons to come after. Offering contractor financing can only help your business and your potential clients.

With all the increased cashflow you’ll have from offering contractor financing, you can keep your business growing and moving forward — whether it’s the off-season or the busy season. HFS Financial is ready to partner with your business to offer the best contractor financing for your customers. Simply contact our team at HFS Financial to get started on the best partnership you’ll make.

How Offering Contractor Financing Can Increase Cashflow Through the Off-Season

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