How Offering Financing Can Help You Sell More Pools in 2022

new pool loans for contractors

Contractors are in demand everywhere because of endless home improvement projects that homeowners plan and pursue. Swimming pools are definitely something that never lose their popularity as a home upgrade. There’s nothing quite like owning your very own pool to share with your family and friends. HFS Financial has years of experience in the pool lending business. We are able to help contractors all over America provide the best contractor financing for customers. Let us tell you how offering financing can help you sell more pools in 2022. 

Offering HFS Financial Financing Means Fast Funding

First, when you provide contractor financing through HFS Financial, you are ensuring a swift, steady form of income for your company. We have worked for decades to perfect the financing process to make it simple as well as enjoyable. Our no stage funding is one huge reason why contractors choose to partner with us. Reliable financing will help you be able to get more pool projects on your schedule.

This model of funding is our way of turning your customers into cash buyers. We send the entire amount of the loan directly to the homeowner. Then you can begin installing that pool without delay. With no stage funding, there are also no unnecessary phases of waiting throughout your construction process.

Less Paperwork Means More Pool Building Time

Next, you need to realize how simple HFS Financial has made this partnership. As a contractor, you do not have mounds of paperwork to complete to begin offering excellent contractor financing. This brief contractor application is all we need to get the process started. 

From there, we have a contractor resource center to help you get your website ready for this important partnership. This enables our knowledgeable team to do all of the work for your customers. You will not have to worry about answering any questions or doing anything to help them find the lending they need. This frees you up to complete your goal — selling more pools in 2022. 

More Pools Mean More Projects Too

When you begin finishing your pool builds, your happy customers will share their beautiful masterpieces with their friends and family. This will spark more interested customers to head your way for their own pool. This is why offering contractor financing is a big win for your business.

Along with successful pool sales comes future job security as well. Once families begin enjoying their new pool, they will start to dream about what the next backyard upgrade will be. An outdoor kitchen or a gazebo with a fire pit will sound amazing. Once the dreams start, your services will be needed again. 

Our loan consultants can be easily reached at 1-800-254-9560. In just 60 seconds, anyone can also start the application for their new pool loan or any home improvement loan. Now that you know how offering financing can help you sell more pools in 2022, don’t wait to contact us at HFS Financial. We are here to help and to see that your experience and that of your customers is pleasant. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”  

How Offering Financing Can Help You Sell More Pools in 2022

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