How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Door and Window Contractor

Hiring a Door and Window Contractor

Door and window contractor hiring can be a necessary step in upgrading and modernizing a home. With numerous providers in the area, it can be a bit intimidating to know which contractor is the best choice for your needs. One way to get an inside look at the available professionals and their work is to use references and reviews. A bit of research like this takes minutes to complete but may provide outstanding insight to you.

Finding Door and Window Contractor References and Reviews

A simple online search for a door and window contractor provides some good information as a starting point. Take a closer look at several websites that have information about the provider. For example, you want to view their Google ratings. Find out if they have complaints against them that are unresolved. Use other sites like this to get a full view of the contractor.

Read both the good and the poor reviews as they can shed light onto what went well and what problems existed. Be sure to reach out to the contractor if you have questions about the reviews. That gives them a chance to provide their side of the story — especially in a poor outcome or upset customer. 

Also look for a contractor that offers door contractor financing and window contractor financing. Reading reviews on their financing options can help you make an informed decision.

Learn to Read Between the Lines for Bad Reviews

If a consumer posts a bad review of a contractor, try to understand what went wrong. For example, was there a lack of communication? Was the work poor in quality? Was the job not completed or were subpar products used? Then, try to find any information about whether the company took actions to correct the problem, such as making repairs or explaining what went wrong.

Ask for References from Customers

Another valuable way to get information on a door and window contractor is simply to ask the contractor for references. Ask if they can arrange for you to meet with one of their previous, recent customers. There’s a great deal of information to gain from a simple conversation like this.

Ask the property owner about the project goals. What did they want to have completed? Did the project go well? Also, discuss how well the project stayed within the quoted price or budget. This can shed light on common communication issues, such as overages. Delays in the project are another factor. If the company had to wait for materials to arrive due to supply chain shortages, that may be easy to forgive. If they were delayed due to weather, that’s also easy to overlook.

Check on the Final Outcome

Finally, talk to the customer about their results. Do they love their doors and windows? Would they do anything differently if they could redo them? These are all valuable details that can help you get to know the door and window contractor while also providing insight into the end result you can expect.

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How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Door and Window Contractor

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