How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

check references & reviews before hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor

Finding a kitchen remodeling contractor that is qualified to do the desired renovation work is an important step in getting your perfect renovation completed. No one wants to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor that does not provide an excellent customer service experience. There are all kinds of things to consider as you work through the process of hiring the right contractor for your dream kitchen upgrade. Here is how to check references & reviews before hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor. 

Carefully Read the Kitchen Remodeling Contractor’s Reviews 

First, look carefully through the websites of any contractor that you are considering. A well-working website is a good sign that you have found a contractor who is keeping up with the age of technology. As you search, make a list of the remodeling contractors that impress you. When you have located several options, go back and start reading their reviews.

Successful contractors understand the importance of online reviews. Customers want to be able to express their opinions about any company they encounter or work with. Online reviews give everyone a chance to say what they loved or loathed about their contractor. And contractors who are always seeking to improve the service they provide will welcome the reviews — whether critical or complementary in nature. 

As a prospective customer, you want to know the pros and cons people have had when hiring the kitchen remodeling contractor in question. Use the reviews to narrow down your list of possible contractors to hire.

Confidently Request References of Their Completed Kitchen Remodels

Next, you should feel no qualms about asking a kitchen remodeling contractor for a list of references. A reputable contractor will happily provide you with contact information of people they’ve worked with to complete all kinds of home improvement projects. Then you can begin the crucial task of contacting these people to ask the questions on your mind.

Project Questions for a Kitchen Remodel

First, there are project questions to cover with each reference. Be sure to inquire about what type of work the contractor performed for them. You obviously want to chat with people who have had kitchen remodeling experience with the remodeling contractor you’re considering. Also ask about the project’s success. Was there an initial schedule of events presented? And did the contractor do his best to keep the construction work on schedule?

Budgeting Questions for a Kitchen Remodel

Next, you also want to inquire about the budgeting side of the home remodeling the reference had done. How was the budget presented? Did the contractor stick to the proposed budget? Were there extreme, unexpected differences when the project got underway?

Overall Experience Questions for a Kitchen Remodel

Finally, finish up the conversations by asking how the customer felt with their overall experience with the remodeling contractor. Were they treated fairly by the contractor and all of his crew members? Did they feel that communication was handled well? Do they love their finished product? 

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How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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